Although it is one of the most physically demanding of team sports, rugby union is also a great bonding activity. Perhaps more so than any other team sport, rugby union players create special bonds with their teammates which can last far beyond their playing days.

As reported by the the Telegraph and all other major sports news outlets, the 2015 Rugby World Cup will kick off at Twickenham on September 18th. This is sure to see interest in the game rise significantly, particularly if one or more of the home nations progress to the latter stages of the competition.

A Family-Friendly Sport

Many young people begin their involvement with the game by playing touch rugby in the local park with their friends. If their interest in the game is piqued and they show a modicum of skill, this can then often lead to playing for a club in a local league. One of the great things about rugby union at local club level is how family-friendly it actually is. Many local rugby clubs also field teams for women’s and children’s competitions in addition to having a men’s team.

For people looking to raise their fitness levels and undergo proper physical workouts, rugby union is definitely one of the best sports to get involved with. Using tried and tested rugby drills, such as the ones available at, competitors are assured of a high-intensity workout. From simply sprinting with the ball to scrummaging and tackling, rugby union workouts are an excellent way of getting fit.

Finding a Local Club

For those with a serious interest in taking up the game of rugby union, one of the first steps is to find a local club. All clubs in England are listed at the official England Rugby site. There are also similar websites for clubs in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

There may be a number of people who are interested in rugby but are put off slightly by the sheer physicality of the game. Fortunately, there are now a number of clubs around the country which offer the option of playing touch rugby. This means participants can experience the thrill and excitement of playing the game and raise their fitness levels without the added concern of being injured by a bruising tackle.