How to get a Home to Buy or to Rent in Dubai

Real Estate

If you want to own a property in Dubai, it is important that you understand the right steps to take so that you can get a cost effective property that you can enjoy for long. The first things that you have to learn about include the property taxation, rental and real estate agency. It will be easier for you to get the property you want if you appoint a real estate agent. Since the agent will be your representative in the entire buying process, you have to ensure that you have chosen an experienced and a competent agent. You need to stay with one agent in the entire process to avoid any confusion. You have also to be clear on what you want including the price, location and dimensions.

You have to consider your needs before you decide on the property to buy. If you are invited to view a certain home, you have to consider the furnishing and fixture of the home. If the home is old, then you can negotiate for the price or for renovation. However, if you are just visiting, there will be no need to purchase a home unless you want to stay in Dubai for a long time. Even if there will be no restriction if it comes to renting a condominium or an apartment in Dubai when you are a foreign, you will need a government approval before you purchase any property.

Like buying the property, if you want to rent a Residential Apartments in Dubai, you can also use the help of a real estate agency. In Dubai, when people look for house to rent, they always choose Condominiums regardless if they are local or not. This is because the condos are near wide range of facilities such as gym, swimming pools, security, comfortable lifestyle and business centres. If you do not want to use the services of an agent, you can check the classified ads in the newspaper to learn about private apartments that you can rent. However, your interests will be more protected if you use a real estate agent.

Before you get a Down Town apartment for rent, you have to consider the following. The location, you have to choose the property according to the facilities that you visit often. Check the condition and the size of your home. You have also to know the amenities that you will get in the rented home. The rent also will be based, if the home is unfurnished, furnished or partially furnished. When renting a home, you have to keep the following in mind. Make sure that you signed a lease agreement with the owner and the terms have to be clear in the contract. Some homeowners may require you to have an employment pass before they rent you their homes. In case you are renting a furnished house, make sure that you kept the inventory of everything you found in the home and the condition that you found them.

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