The Real Estate market as been doing a lot better recently, but there are seasons and places the market becomes saturated unfortunately. During these times you have to move out of your comfort zone and explore new opportunities to generate seller leads.

Lets look at a couple of ways to gain seller leads during the tough times:

1) Extend your Network 

One single network being overly used by you or your competitors will make it saturated naturally. Be on the outlook for new connections and network. You might have to adapt you services so they suit the requirements of the new set of customers that you are on a look out for. Incorporate change in your work style and services and think outside the box.

2) Strike a Deal with Lead Providers

You might find that your competitors are doing well in this business, but you are lacking somewhere. They might have a network circle that provides them with ongoing seller leads. This is where you can offer your clients a deal for each reference. The first thing to focus on when wanting references from your clients is to build a good rapport with them. If they trust you and feel that you did a good job with their need then they will be more willing to refer you to family and friends. The next thing to consider is offering an incentive for them if they provide you with successful references. By doing this it creates them to be even more eager to send future clients your way.

3) Subscribe for a Popular Publications or Blogs

Research and find out where customers normally look for real estate news, updates, and tips. Subscribe to those blogs and publications and see what information they provide. You can either be a guest writer on those blogs or you can create your own blog and provide your own information. Write content that is engaging for your readers and provide it in a way that makes you come across creditable.

These are a few ways you can extract seller leads even when times are tough. Be proactive with changes because we all know how much the real estate business is an evolving industry.