Ask any parent about the challenge of getting their children to brush their teeth and they will tell you it takes persistence but worth the effort. Hopefully it will ensure their teeth last a lifetime after all preventative dentistry has come a long way. Here are some tips from SmileTown Dentistry on how you can focus on keeping your children’s oral health the best.

Start Early

How early you might wonder, as soon as that first tooth presents itself buy a soft brush made, especially to fit comfortably inside their mouth. Your child will become accustomed to the brushing at an early age by introducing it in your young child.

How To Focus On Your Children’s Oral Health

Oral Hygiene

Children should be encouraged to brush twice a day, floss daily and have regular dental checkups.  Establishing good oral hygiene at an early age, it will easily become part of their bedtime ritual. Parents may have to brush for them until they are old enough to do it themselves e.g spit and not swallow toothpaste.

Cavity Prevention

Good oral health as well as oral hygiene as well as using a toothpaste with fluoride can protect your child’s teeth. The care of baby teeth is important and like their permanent teeth need to be evaluated and possibly be repaired. Some baby teeth can remain in a child’s mouth for a long time and could become quite painful. Once all their permanent teeth are in the Dentist can apply dental sealant to prevent some future cavities.


Good nutrition plays an important role in your child’s overall health as well their oral health.

Limit bad snacks and sugary drinks which cause plaque to form, provide them with healthy alternatives whenever possible., School lunches can be tricky as some vegetables, milk and cereals contain sugar or starches that can stick to teeth and form plaque. Fruits containing lots of water, such as apples, raw veggies and dip or hard cheese make good choices.

Make It Fun

The use of charts hung in the bathroom and changed often keeps them interested as well as encouraging them to participate. Using these ideas can be helpful if you are constantly needing to remind them. Or a battery operated toothbrush complete with cartoon characters keeps it fun and provide a more thorough brushing. Research proper brushing techniques and ideas to keep your child eager to participate in their oral care.

Visit your local childrens dentist in Vancouver if you have any more questions.