There are so many milestones throughout the course your baby’s first year of life. First smile, first word, first tooth, first step. Capping of that momentous year of course is your child’s 1st birthday party. This is an occasion parents everywhere want to be make extra special, even if the birthday boy or girl themselves will only be able to remember their first celebration with the help of photographs.

How To Find Great First Birthday Party Supplies

1st birthday party supplies can make or break the occasion. To really pull a celebration together finding great ones puts the finishing touches on the day. But what busy parent really has the time to spend hours trailing around all the card stores in the mall searching for just the right 1st birthday party supplies especially if you are looking for those cool number balloons? Shopping for them on the internet is the real answer.

Online you can find 1st birthday party supplies to suit any taste and every budget. You can find coordinated sets that include everything you might possibly need – from the invitation to the favor bags to be given out to guests at the party’s end to ‘1’ number balloons that you can use to decorate the space and/or give out as party favours to all the guests. If you want to do the latter – and every kid does love a balloon so it’s a great idea – then shop around for wholesale number balloons, you’ll save yourself tons of money if you do.

Most children’s birthday parties have a theme, and it is not hard to find 1st birthday party supplies in almost any theme you can imagine. From pirates to princesses, dragons to ducks you can find the perfect theme to match your baby’s unique personality.

What Party Supplies Do You Really Need?

Many parents wonder exactly what they really need to buy in the way of 1st birthday party supplies without wasting money. Cups, plates and plastic utensils of course, but don’t forget balloons, banners and streamers. A first birthday is an obvious time to make use of lots of ‘1’ number balloons . Party packs contain all of these things and more, which is why they save so much time and effort and in most cases money as well.

Food and Entertainment

Because a one year old child is well – only one – at most 1st birthday parties there are often as many adults as there are children, as well as kids who are cousins and friends of lots of different ages. This can be a bit of a challenge when comes to trying to figure out what to feed everyone and how to keep them amused.

In terms of food, a buffet table filled with lots of simple finger foods is usually the best idea. Set up a single large table and decorate it accordingly and in line with your theme. If you want to make a great centerpiece take a few more of those number balloons and arrange theme behind the table to do so with ease. With a little bit of thought and imagination – and a few more number balloons – you could even created a first birthday backdrop, complete with photos of the birthday child taken over the last twelve months.

In terms of the actual food, simple small sandwiches, chicken tenders, bowls of crisps, maybe a few cocktail sausages and cheeses as well should all do the trick. You may also want to invest in a deli platter or two from the local supermarket to help make things even easier. And don’t forget to make use of paper plates and plastic cutlery, because the last thing you’ll want to do after the guests all leave is a ton of washing up!

For games, keep things simple and classic. Even adults can enjoy games like pin the tail on the donkey or musical chairs and, if there are a lot of smaller kids may we suggest a game of ‘Sleeping Lions’? You know the one where every child must lie as still and quiet as possible to avoid the lion? They’ll enjoy it and it might give you a few minutes peace in what is often a rather stressful day for Mums and Dads.

That having been said, your child’s first birthday party is a busy time but making the effort to make it all extra special will result in a memorable occasion that you will remember for years to come. And speaking of memories, don’t forget to take lots of photographs. The birthday boy or girl really isn’t old enough to quite know what’s going on at the time but they will love looking at the pictures in the future!