It takes too much hard work to make money and to give it away to random brokers or real estate agents is even more heart-wrecking. After all, it’s not any expertise or asset that you’re paying for. One month’s rent as brokerage is too much for just knowing the flats available for rent.

How to Find a House in Pune Without Burning Away Your Hard-Earned Money

In this world of real estate and start-up boom in India, it’s not difficult to find a house without burning away your hard-earned money.

  1. Ask your colleagues

This works best for people who have started working in a new company recently. The best option is to put your shame aside and be nosy with your colleagues who are locals. Asking the HR works big time too. They are aware of people who joined the company recently and found an accommodation for themselves.

  1. Search online on

Even if this was a sponsored post by Nestaway, I wouldn’t have any option but to mention them. They’re by far the best shared accommodation and apartment rental service in India. They provide shared accommodations with only one month rent as deposit.

Furnished Flats in Pune:

You can log onto or download their android or iOS app to find apartments for rent in your city. Their service includes is available in 9 cities across India.

There are many other services like 99acres, NoBroker and MagicBricks that provide similar services. Use the free services out there in the market that have arised due to the real estate market boom in India.

  1. Get on the streets, literally!

Most flat owners are known to hang placards on their entrance if they have a room to let. Although sometimes the placards are hard to notice, you should look for any scribbled text saying, “Room for Rent Available” or “1 BHK available” or “Rooms available for Bachelors”.

This trick works most of the times in cities like Bangalore or Pune around colleges or tech parks. Try asking a chaiwaala or paanwala for such information. They’re sometimes more aware of local news than anyone in the area.

  1. Try the Facebook groups

There are numerous groups on Facebook where bachelors post room availabilities from respective cities. Quite a few people have found houses or shared accommodation in respective cities. The groups go by the name of ‘Flats and Flatmates’, ‘Flats Without Brokers’ and so on. Search it. You’ll find it.

With so many options in India, searching for apartments or shared accommodation online remains the best option to find a house in the new city. Start-ups like NestAway have revolutionized the way people find houses and shared rooms. The age of offline real estate agents is literally coming to an end. Nobody ever wanted to pay one month worth brokerage for just seeing and finalizing a house with the real estate agent. After all, it’s hard-earned money.

Reach out to the websites or applications on your cell phone and save yourself some money. Treat yourself with what you deserve instead. You’ve been a hard-working person.