These days, more and more people are becoming aware of how father’s need to be a bigger part of the child’s life. This means that they are no longer there for a few school events a year, they are invested fully in their child’s life. More and more lawyers are fighting to give fathers the best chance at gaining child custody.

Fathers, when it comes to child custody, are more harshly judged than mothers. It is a known fact that a child needs a maternal figure in their lives, but when it comes to deciding who to grant full custody, a father should have his say in the entire process.

Divorce cases are a nasty battle, so getting an attorney to tell you what to do will make it somewhat alleviated. Attorneys will come up with strategic advantages and give you advice based on their experience so you know exactly what you have to do.

Money Talks

As harsh as this may sound, it is a good idea to show the court that you make more money than your spouse. This means that you have to produce an annual amount you generate and compare it to the one your wife makes. This is a major tool in a father’s pocket, especially if the mother is a stay at home mom. Showing the court that you need money to give a child basic care is probably a good way of gaining the court’s favor


Though not the only answer, if the child custody case has been going on for a few years, chances are you will meet someone. If you do and they are a constant in your life, then it would work in your favor if you married them. This does not mean that you marry them solely for this reason; it just means that it will work to your benefit, especially if she is good to your children.

How To Fight For Your Kids' Custody As A Dad

Be There

A father who is there to act as a chauffeur, chef and all rounder ‘mom’ for his children is considered to be a good father. If you pick your child up from games, school, outings and social events, you will not only win the favor of the court, it will also strengthen the bond you have with your little one.

Prove Why You Are Better

Another harsh but essential thing that fathers can do to win custody is to show the court why living with the mother is not a good thing. If she abuses drugs, hurts the children, neglects them or is involved in promiscuity, it means that children are not her primary concern. This is not only dangerous, but unfair to the children, who need someone to be there for them. Proving yourself a good father will make your case stronger.

Fathers have been winning cases when it comes to child custody mostly because of an oversight or fault in the mother. Getting a lawyer will help you understand what points to focus on and what you can improve about yourself, as a parent.

Callum Donald is a single father to two beautiful girls. He has been working with various legal agencies for a decade and knows the ways that can help devoted fathers keep their children. For help on child custody, go to websites like