If you need a new roof installed, or your old roof replaced, take your time in choosing the right company to do the job. Narrow down your options, and ask for proposals from the potential roofing companies you may hire for the job. Before making your final decision, carefully go through each proposal to find the one that works best for you. What should you be looking for even as you go through a roofing proposal?

  1. A written estimate

The roofing company should offer you a written estimate for the work to be done. Do not settle for a verbal estimate since this can cause a lot of problems in future. All of the details should be included within the estimate. Once a roofing company provides a quote, they will first check the size and condition of your roof, take measurements and estimate the cost and quantity of materials that will be needed for the job. All these details should be specified in the written estimate.

  1. Material grade

Similar grade and quality should be used in all the roofing material which include decking, shingles, flashing and ventilation. Include a lower grade material on the quote will definitely bring down the cost of the quote, but could be very costly in the long run because of frequent repairs that will be involved.

  1. Liability coverage

You should ensure that the roofing company you hire is properly insured. The company should also be ready to cover any injuries or damages that may occur when they are working on your roof. If for example a roofer gets an accident when working on your roof, you should not have to incur extra costs in the form of medical bills for the roofer simply because the company is not fully covered.

  1. Time frame

This includes when the roofing company will start working on your roof, when they are expected to finish the job and for how many hours a day they will be working.

  1. Clean up

There is nothing as annoying as your home looking as a dumpster for several weeks once the roofing job is done. You should, therefore, confirm with the roofing company how it plans to handle cleanup once the job is done. This not only ensures that your home does not end up looking like a dumpster afterwards; it is also for safety reasons. You do not want your kids getting hurt by nails in the yard once a roofing job is complete.

  1. Warranty

Any reputable roofing company will stand behind their work and will offer you a warranty for the job done. A comprehensive warranty covers both installation and materials and will save you money and unnecessary headaches in future.

  1. Payment terms

The proposal should lay out the payment terms that you understand. It does not make sense to make payment in full, yet you may not be in a position to do so. Find out whether a payment deposit is needed before the job begins and if yes, what amount is being asked for. Additionally, when is the bulk of the payment to be made and in which form? Most contractors ask for a percentage of payment upfront and the rest once the job is complete. In large roofing payments, payment may be made in installments. You should find out the nature of these installments: is it a certain amount within a given period of time or whether payment made once a certain benchmark is reached.

  1. Hidden costs

You should always ascertain if there are any other costs that have not been covered in the proposal. For example, could you be charged extra for the slope of your roof? Or sealant? Ensure that all the costs are added so that you do not extra charges that you had not budgeted for.

Written by Enrich Construction, the best service for roofing in Columbia, MO.