How To Establish Lasting Relationship With Customers

During its early years, the Internet marketing was just about banners and other simple methods of advertising. Now, interaction between sellers and buyers is a richer two-way connection. However, many companies are losing many potential online opportunities through improper relationships. With poor relationship, less than five percent of new visitors will return to our websites. When researching for products and services, many people are using online researches. We should have an understanding on the way people research the Internet to help us establish effective online relationships.

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Very few Internet users trust advertisement immediately and most of them seek peer recommendations, because they don’t want to make mistake by choosing dishonest sellers. It is also important to look for other sources of traffic other than Google. Facebook is among the fastest growing platforms and it allows for more intimate interactions between users. As a highly customizable platform, users can create their own unique niches and attract people with similar interests to gather. These people can share all their experiences related to specific niche; the good, bad and ugly.

YouTube is another good opportunity to gain traffic, where millions of users are looking for specific videos, among more than two billions published. People visit YouTube not only to get entertainment, but also answers for their questions and instructions to do many things. They could also get reviews on products that the plan to buy.

Blogs are also useful platforms for nurturing long-term relationships with consumers. It is possible for us to interact with new and existing customers through the comment sections. People will likely return to our blogs if they have aligned interests. It should also be noted that many people are now using smartphones and it is important to nurture relationships by sending updates through these mobile devices. Text messages are good ways to keep our customers updated abut latest products and services. There are methods to send text messages using online tools, where text can be sent directly to mobile network providers.

It is clear that online marketing is no longer option, but a mandatory solution for many businesses. If we have proper online representation, at least 50 percent of people will eventually purchase our products. It is clear that we need to take into account multiple psychological factors. Having a good online relationship is needed to ensure long-term profitability.

Online success spans beyond the search engines and we should also include Web 2.0 platforms, social media services, video-sharing services, podcast directories and article directories into the mix. In order to keep people excited, we should provide them with essential news, tips and facts on specific niches and subjects. This can help us if we have a loyal following with identical interests and preferences. By giving away tons of information to our existing customers, they will remain loyal, because customers know that they don’t have anything similar from our competitors. Over time, new customers will seek to get our services.

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