How to Eradicate Birds Presence in Stadium?

Birds can be a quite serious problem in many sports matches. Both fans and players could be consistently dive bombed by different species of birds. It is a common thing for fans to bring foods to these games. They don’t even consume all the food and some leftover can be scattered around. They could after the bits of roasted peanuts, French fries and hot dog breads. The availability of insects in the stadium, also encourage these avian creatures to plague various sporting matches. This is an oft-repeated scenario and many stadium management needs to deal with the problem.

Many stadiums are in close proximity with large bodies of water. This also encourages the arrival of gulls in stadiums. Annoying sparrows, starling and pigeons need to be handled properly. The stadium structure is ideal for providing birds with shelter as a protection from predators and source of food. The longer these birds entrench themselves in the stadium, the harder it is to remove them. We should be able to deal with stubborn birds. Birds droppings could also cause problems in sports matches, because they will increase the costs for clean-up and repainting. When accumulated, droppings could cause damages to many areas of the stadium.

Birds are also known for their ability to transmit various diseases. Many stadium management teams need to resort to violence by shooting these creatures down with BB guns. However, this method is not always the best. By eradicating birds with tough method, we could simply make room for another species of birds to thrive inside the stadium. The most important thing is to prevent birds from nesting and breeding in the first place. There are less aggressive methods that we can choose. There are products that can rid pest birds in these stadiums. Stadium management teams could choose different types of bird deterrent systems.

One of the best tools that we can choose is netting. The type of netting that we choose should be waterproof, rot-proof, UV-stabilized and non-conductive. We may also choose bird spikes that prevent birds from landing in the first place. Many of these methods are easy to install. Bird wire could also be used and integrated as part of the design by the architect. Contraptions that deliver mild electric shock to birds could also encourage these creatures to find nesting areas elsewhere. Aerosol mists can be used to disperse pest birds around the stadium. This is a non-toxic and less aggressive method that can cause fewer problems.

By using the above methods, it will be much easier to deal with birds-related problems. These creatures can be quite persistent and despite our efforts, they could still find some areas to nest inside the stadium. It means that the stadium management team needs to perform regular improvements. It may be important to always steam clean the stadium area, because birds will be less likely to stay in the stadium if it is cleaner. Birds could cause health hazards, so it is important for the stadium management team to improve their overall operations in this area, especially by interrupting the roosting pattern.

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