During the summer months a conservatory provides a light and airy living space in which to relax and entertain; however, once the autumn chill descends, many of us abandon the conservatory for the warmth of the sitting room.

How To Ensure Your Conservatory Is Warm In Winter

A conservatory was traditionally a structure attached to a house as a dedicated area to grow plants. It can also be the ideal location for a party or informal gathering..


A heater is the obvious solution to provide warmth during the winter, but any heat generated will soon be lost if the room is not insulated. Consider a small fan heater, electric heater or oil filled radiator.


It is worth considering a product such as solar inserts by polycool, not only to keep your conservatory comfortable in summer but also to help retain heat in cold weather. Besides solar inserts, there are other things you can do to prevent heat escaping. Draught excluders can be positioned at the base of the doors, while windows can be properly sealed. You could also consider blinds or heavy curtains.

Lighting and Candles

Create an atmospheric space by lighting scented candles. These will provide additional warmth and create the perfect ambience for relaxing or entertaining. Fairy lights or lanterns will look magical and emit a warm glow when strung across the walls.


The floor can be a major factor when it comes to heat loss. Concrete floors will absorb heat and significantly reduce the temperature in your conservatory. If it is too costly to lay carpet or wooden flooring, then large rugs will help to reduce heat loss.

Indoor Barbecue

It is not safe to bring outdoor barbecues inside, as there is a risk of carbon monoxide fumes; however, the latest electric models can be safely fired up indoors.

A conservatory is a fantastic way to extend the living area in your home and can add value to your property. With a few simple modifications you could be using your conservatory all year round, such as for hosting a winter drinks party or as a warm, toasty space to relax. On frosty days, when the sun is shining, the glass will continue to absorb heat; however, to gain maximum enjoyment you will need to find alternative heat sources and insulate the area.