There are several window replacement companies in the market, but you have to give a close look before deciding a particular service. Some may look good on the advertisement ground, but fail to put up the promises. You must make several checks and consider few important things when you are about to replace your windows. Sometimes it is better to replace entire windows than a single one, if you are upgrading to energy efficient windows. You can go for replacing windows by Ecoline in Winnipeg, but you must check the professionalism and the feedbacks of the company. As Ecolinehas bad remarks regarding their service. This article is a comparison and review of two different window replacement companies.

How To Draw Comparisons Between The Window Replacement Companies?

Ecoline- Window Replacement Company

This company is famous and has been ranked among the top service provider. They have good remarks, like 9.6 stars on the and have been rated high on the BBB. A gained popularity in providing replacement windows by Ecoline in Edmonton. But do these ratings are foolproof guarantee? Never, they are. A poor rating or criticize definitely means a poor quality of service, but this thing should not be generalized. A 10 rating doesn’t mean that there is no scope of improvement and it is authentic.

Moreover, a good rating never guarantees an excellent service. Let’s figure it out in detail about the dark side of this company.
Facebook activity- the reviews on the social media speaks a lot about the service. As they have a full-fledged Facebook page for their business. But there is rarely any activity on the page. Few posts come and go hardly anybody notice it. Same few people repeatedly keep liking and commenting on it. It doesn’t make much sense of being overratedon One of the client has written a whole blog about this company criticizing the policy and bad service with this company. They don’t have a showroom in the Winnipeg, thus it can’t claim of providing better service.

AWD Specialist

This is another company from the competition. This is a small company based on the Winnipeg and surrounding areas. When you check the website of this company you can easily believe that they have put effort for both quality of products and better service. They have co-operative staffs and they keep in touch with the homeowner through the process of replacement. And this way they ensure a great service is being provided. Apart from installing windows they have are expert in replacing doors.

They have been constantly posting their work on Facebook and let the customers know about their service and products. They have few demerits as they have not specified the warranty period of their products and materials. And they have limited color options. They are only able to provide a range of seven colors for exteriors and two colors for the interiors. Although they have not been rated on the Even though the consumers have appreciated their work and seems to be satisfied.