English knot gardens have specific patterns resembling a knot or maze. This type of garden is often made in a round or rectangle shape and considered to be a more formal garden. Often you will see a statue or fountain in the center of an English knot garden. To start your English knot garden you will need to choose your design, shape, and plants. Measure the space for your garden, then sketch a pattern. Once this is done, you will need to choose your plants and color scheme for your English knot garden.

Choose a design that is pleasing to the eye, and admired from your home. If you live in a two-story home, you want to have a design that is pleasing and can give you a stunning view when looking outside. This type of garden is exquisite and can be simple or elaborate. The English knot garden requires a great deal of time and maintenance. This is a factor to consider when deciding the size of your knot garden.

Plants for an English knot garden need to be proportional. You need to choose plants that are low-growth plants and have a strong fragrant smell. Evergreen, rosemary, and lavender are some great traditional choices, but you can experiment with any plants in colors that are pleasing to you. Flowers in contrasting colors make a stunning statement in this type of garden. Another unique idea is to make alternative low and high beds of plants for a dimensional look. To help maintain the shape of your English knot garden, edge each bed with railroad ties. Make sure plants are proportional. Knot garden plants need air circulation, proper drainage and sun to help develop a thick English knot garden.

Plant an English knot garden centered in your backyard next to a sitting area. Make an outdoor sitting area with the English knot garden as your focal point. Make a stone platform next to your garden. Place an outdoor table and chairs on this platform. Place a fountain to the center of your garden. This makes a stunning sitting area for the warmer months. If you choose to make a garden as part of a sitting area, choose an open garden style to allow strolling throughout your English knot garden. Otherwise, you can choose a tightly closed English knot garden.

Make a pond the focal point of your English knot garden. A pond in your backyard surrounded by an English country garden looks exquisite. Choose an open style English knot garden around your pond. This will allow guest to enjoy strolling through the garden while sitting alongside the pond in the warmer months. It’s not an easy process, but you don’t need to be an expert and do a research paper on the subject to see great results. Just some patience and good planning will get you a long way. Have fun!