The design of logos is an independent field of work in itself because of the special touches of the designer, it requires some things from the person to be a successful logo designer and creative in this area, the design of logos in the study of graphic design in particular, and anyone can The love of logo design has to be a masterful designer if he has the will to design and we will learn all the ways that lead to successful design and excellence.

Features a successful logo

If we look at all the logos for large sites and large companies, we will find things to share:

Creativity: What distinguishes the slogan of another is creativity, planning and innovation. At the beginning of the design of the first stage comes planning and thinking deep and long in the form of the logo and the manner of drawing and highlighting the features of the company and its scope in the logo, it takes time and thinking to extract a distinctive logo and different, creativity is the first step Towards excellence and love of work, you should love the design of logos until you have graduated all your abilities in this field.

Simplicity: Any great work you see at the moment is simple and simple idea, do not look for the complexities in the field of design in general, especially in the design of logos so as not to be obstacles and complexities in the field of work, and simplicity is desirable by all because people have different tastes and must You have to put many people as possible logo and this desire is achieved only the simplicity that requires this in front of your eyes, which is to love as you to a beautiful idea and creative.

Colors: In general design is not desirable by using many colors. At the most, use three colors of the logo, because this leads to many problems such as the difficulty of color recognition and logo complexity and printing costs, and consult the company about the colors that you want to choose to be familiar with the logo.

Taste and elegance: Elegance here are two types:

Elegance in the use of techniques: It is intended to use tools to create the logo, whether in the tools used in the first stage of design on paper or software used for design and innovation.

The impression and meaning of the logo: Any global and innovative logo is a symbol of the work of the company, it is unreasonable to design a logo does not indicate the final work of the company must have the true meaning of the company, for example when designing a logo for a company in the construction of towers must That the logo contains something that indicates the building of the towers, whether the design of drawing or words, and here comes creativity in the form of content and words and the way of drawing and innovation, which distinguishes designers from each other.

Logo design methods

in this article, you will learn about the steps that you must follow in designing the logo, which require the effort and time to be one of the successful designers, and these steps in order are:


Any work you see at the moment is just an idea that originated in the human mind and inspired him passionately where he wants to create it, but inspiration does not come by chance and especially in the field of design, you must search and discover about the new and offer the work of others to take their opinions and criticism and incentives, There are many sites offering such services, including: This site is very popular in the design of the logo, which is attended by thousands of designers from all over the world who share their designs and display the most famous designs on the home page. is a site used by many because it offers an opportunity to showcase designs better and provide services to others.

Deviant Art is a very famous and well-known site for providing many services to designers and photographers as well.

Many designers meet on this site to showcase all their business and software as well.

Zorb Many designers meet on this site to showcase all their business and software as well.

Planning on paper

Planning on paper and pencil drawing Even if there is not a complete idea of the logo and words that have to do with the company leading to the appearance of the logo and the way it is drawn, the design of the logo must be finished on paper before moving on to the next stage.

Choose the design

After you have drawn all the ideas about the logo, you should choose the appropriate logo and start removing all the logos that you do not see fit for your choice. At least, you should produce three different design logos for the client or company. This helps the customer to choose the appropriate logo and clarify the simple points about Logo.

A design on the computer

This stage is the most important stage after the completion of the choice of logo, and you should start thinking about how to draw logo and the most effective programs to design, there are two types of designs used in the Arab world because they are free:

Pixel Design: It is the most common for easy to use and depends on the designs Pixel, and the most famous programs that use such a design is Photoshop.

Vector Design: It is used in the designs of the logo, because it provides the advantage and the possibility of magnifying the logo on all other media and easy to print in all sizes, and the most famous programs that use the designs of the poster is without any contest program Illustrator of Adobe Illustrator, and there is also another program.

(Note): If there is no background on the use of these programs and the design method, search the site and research on the design of logos and programs used for design, preferably learn the program Illustrator of Adobe Illustrator for use in the design of the Victor, and there are full courses on design.

Continuous development: All the work needs to be developed and keep abreast of the age and technology, and the successful designer is the one who develops himself every day and learns something new about the design, and also develops the business and slogans that he designed, the opportunity needs a creative that exploits this opportunity, You have the opportunity to design a logo for a client or company that is not lost and exploited even if you do not have any knowledge, but what is more important is that you have the courage to design and enter into this wonderful area and if you fail in the early stages of stigmatization I did not design a successful logo, try again and develop the logo and your abilities and you will find the results of your self-discovery, and it all depends on you, and this is based on experience I am currently developing my abilities on the design of websites and I still learn, dissatisfaction is the father of scientific progress and the beginning Go into the field of knowledge.


Many people have said it as an Einstein saying (Imagination is more important than knowledge) Yes, it is a very important point because a person who lacks imagination is actually missing the wings that help him to fly in the field of knowledge and skills acquisition. Development and imagination and to projects that are especially important in design, always try to imagine the design in your imagination and try as much as possible to apply it on the ground even if you did not know anything, look for the answer and you will find the appropriate answer to the question Looking for him, and most importantly, do not stop asking.

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