How To Deal With Moss On Your Roof

Moss can be very troublesome for roofs and their shingles.  However, just because there is moss on your roof does not mean that you will need to replace your roof.  There are various ways that you can deal with the moss and fix the problem so as to save your roof.

The degree of damage that moss can do to your roof all depends on which type of shingles you have.  Moss tends to weaken the structure of the roof by growing into it.  Specifically, if you have cedar shingles, moss can act to increase the speed at which the wood begins to rot.  This is because moss has a buildup of moisture and can prolong the time that the wood is in contact with dampness.  If you have asphalt shingles, the granules that are on top of the shingles to protect the roof from the sun can be worn off due to the moss.  Whatever type of roof you have is susceptible to moss damage and could lead to a need for replacement.  Maintenance of your roof is crucial and can save your roof if you stay on top of it.

While removing moss and maintaining your roof yourself is the cheaper option, sometimes it creates more hassle for you than it is worth.  Also, if you end up damaging your roof, the warranty becomes voided and you are on the hook for the damages.  That is why it is best to go with a Vancouver roofing contractor as they have the proper experience, insurance, and guarantees for their work.

When removing moss, it is best to do it at a time when the moss has not caused too much damage such as a dry season.  This means that summer is the best time to remove moss from your roof.  Most materials that are needed to kill the moss need to stay on the surface for a few days when it is hot and dry outside.  This allows the roots to come loose from the shingles and dries out the moss.  The moss then becomes easy to sweep or spray off your roof making the entire job easier.

Get in contact with Kanga Roofing if you have any roof related questions.  Learn about their maintenance program and how their services can help you.

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