When we are visiting a new website, it could feel like a blind date. When we open the door for the first time by clicking the link on the search engine results, we don’t know how our blind date will look like. We don’t know whether we will find the website attractive. We need to observe the website by looking at it and how it works. It should be noted that our website could be one of many out there. If we fail to impress people right off the bat, it won’t be possible for us to maintain their loyalty. It takes only five seconds for people to decide whether our website is worthy of their attention. If not, they will click or tap the Back button.

There are plenty of fishes in the sea and our website is only one among many. We should know what people want to see and get. There are different standards of excellence that we need to consider. Just like when seeing our date for the first time, we should make sure that our website makes an ideal visual first impression. As an example, two websites could sell two identical products at exactly the same price. In reality, people would likely buy from website that looks better than the competitor. People tend to think that the company is more trustworthy because they put more effort in building the website and they seem to be more serious in running the business.

It means that the more appealing the website, the more likely it attracts sales. Good design will help us to convince people to identify the website with professionalism and value. Web design should be made as one of the priority. It doesn’t take significant effort to build a website and there could be friends who can help us if we decide to build the website on our own. In general, adding custom design elements to our website has more advantage than choosing common web templates. In this case, customers will also perceive our website as more superior.

If we are unable to find professional graphic designers who are willing to do us a favour, we should be able to find some starving artists. They should be able to properly design the layout of our website. They could actually be talented and have an eye for aesthetics. They could be willing to work cheap. It is important for us to work properly with the web designed, so we could know how the website should be designed. It is necessary to bring our vision to life. We should take the time to add proper designs that could represent our business well. We shouldn’t waste our effort by adding gaudy background and improper pictures.

People will also check what we say and they want to know what we are selling. Visual representation should be focused, concise and clear. It is a bad idea to let people decipher cryptic headlines filled with unclear messages. It is important to go over our copy multiple times and we should proofread and edit our copy.