As a wedding guest, you want to make a great impression without stealing the spotlight from the bride and her bridal party. When you take the initiative to look good for a special occasion, you will not only feel more confident in yourself, but you’re sure to get lots of wonderful comments about how nice you look. Perhaps it’s your best friends’ big day, or it could be a work college – whoever it is, you need to feel good and be able to rock the night away in your favorite outfit.

We’ve put together this quick ‘how-to’ guide to help you create an impression with the most fashionable outfit to any wedding, no matter what season it is – we’ve got your back here. Keep reading to learn more and hopefully by the end of this guide you’ll be a pro at creating an impression with your outfits.

Don’t Always Choose a Dress

So many wedding guests choose a dress to wear for the special day as they think it’s the only option they have. However, there are so many ways to create an impression without having to bare your legs. Pantsuits are super trendy and especially look good for formal occasions if you pair them with your favorite set of heels. There is so much potential to wear something that shows off your beautiful figure without having to be a classic dress. The whole point of finding an outfit for a wedding is that you try something you haven’t before and if you’re always a girl who chooses a dress, change that for your next big event.

Pick Something More Affordable

It’s no doubt that wedding outfits can be expensive, but they don’t always have to be. It’s almost like we have conditioned ourselves to spend more because we feel obligated too. There are hundreds of amazing affordable retailers out there that can provide you with a good quality outfit that you love. A particular favorite is JJ’s House who have an online eCommerce store which you can find various outfits for a super reasonable price. Just because you want to make an impression doesn’t mean you have to break your bank! Taking our advice and shopping with a cheaper retailer could save you hundreds of dollars.

Style it with Bold Jewelry

If you’re a woman who likes to keep things simple when it comes to your outfit, then it may be that you want to style it up and create an impression through beautiful bold jewelry. For those of you who have chosen a plain designed outfit (perhaps it’s all one color!) may want to change it up with the accessories you wear. Whether it’s a fancy, sparkly necklace or even some red accents – there is a whole world of opportunities for you to choose from.

Keep to the Theme

While it may not be your style, the bride and groom can choose a theme for the guests to adhere too. Perhaps the bride has chosen a mermaid wedding dress, and everyone has to wear something green or blue. It’s your responsibility to keep your outfit to the theme, you may not stand out from the crowd, but you’re sure to make a great impression with your outfit if it keeps to the couples desired theme!