Have you always dreamed of decking out your house in Christmas lights just like Chevy Chase in Christmas Vacation? You know, but without blinding all of your neighbors and burning through the entire power grid. With WowLights Productions you can have the Christmas light display of the century that will not only be a visual marvel, but a musical marvel as well. That’s right, they can decorate your house according to your own visual design, coordinate the entire display with music, and handle all of the electrical and technical coordination so that you don’t even have to think about it. So here’s how you do it.

  1. Choose your package. WowLights lets you choose from a number of incredible packages that are priced according to the number of outputs that you will require. You can look at sample videos from each package to get an idea of how spectacular your house will look. The more outputs you require the more expensive it gets, you can think of it like adding luxury features to a car or computer.
  2. Choose your lights. Once you know how many outputs you will need and have decided on a package, you can choose from a wide range of different kinds of lights. With a large selection of different colors, sizes, and shapes, you can customize your LED light show with the music of your choice for a spectacle that is sure to amaze. Forget about your neighbors, you will have locals from all over town passing by to see what the buzz is about.
  3. Choose your sequences. There is a long list of sequences that you can do with each package that you select, depending on the number of outputs you require. The sequences are programmed ahead of time to work with the Christmas songs that you choose. You can see videos on the website to get an idea of how each song is animated with lights and of course, a little magic.
  4. Once you have determined exactly what you want and how you want it installed, it’s time for the experts to get to work. They will study the layout of your house and front yard to determine exactly how all the wires connect, cross the t’s, dot the i’s and give you quick and easy training on how to take over. Once they are finished, you will be able to rest easy knowing exactly how to power everything on and off and command each sequence when you want it.
  5. Show it off. Of course, there’s no sense in going through all the trouble of installing the greatest christmas light display on the block if you’re not going to formally show it off. Invite friends from around the block to observe as you give the neighborhood their first look at the majesty of your visual and audio arrangement. You can have a little party on your driveway with cookies, cocoa, cider, the whole works. In the end, isn’t the purpose of it all to share and celebrate with your family and friends?