Once your pregnancy progresses you are bound to feel a bit exhausted even after a small physical exertion. Neurological disorders during pregnancy are bound to pop up along with breathing issues. To a certain degree pregnancy hormones are responsible for it. There are some pointers with regards to shortness of breath during pregnancy and we are about to discuss it.

How To Cope Up With Shortness Of Breath During Pregnancy

Shortness of breath

A certain degree of mild breathlessness is uncomfortable during pregnancy, but in all ways it is rated to be normal. For your baby it also works out to be safe as sufficient supply of oxygen is provided to the baby via the placenta.

The shortness of breath does tend to take place during the second trimester of pregnancy and in the third trimester of pregnancy the breathlessness is going to increase once the baby starts growing.

The hormones of pregnancy tend to stimulate the brain which does increase the depth and frequency of the breaths. The net result is that you rake in more amount of oxygen for a developing baby inside you. These muscles do go on to swell the respiratory tract whereby muscles of the lungs are relaxed. This replicates a feeling that you are sucking wind after a visit to the refrigerator.

Once you lead to further stage of pregnancy the uterus begins to push hard against the abdominal wall. Your lungs are compressed which further limits their ability to expand further and when you have just climbed a few stairs it may replicate a situation that you have gone on to run a marathon.

What plans can be put in place to cope up with shortness of breath during pregnancy

Though at a full extend the common form of pregnancy symptom cannot be relieved but there are some steps that you could go on to take

  • Make it a point that you stand straight as far as possible. When you are properly positioned it does give your lungs more degree of space so that they can expand
  • To ensure that the best space of circulation is reached always sleep on the left side
  • During pregnancy you can undertake your regular activities and do keep on with your regular exercises as well.  Make it a point that you listen to your body and at no point you should go on to push hard as well
  • At whatever situation it is possible to take things easy, make it a point that you do so

The last thing on your mind is when my shortness of breath will end during pregnancy. This is going to be at its premium during the fag end of pregnancy when the baby does drop on to the pelvis making more room for the lungs.  It is pretty much like heartburn medication during pregnancy which is bound to spring up if you do not want it as well.

If you are facing constant issues relating to breathlessness, then it is better to consult your doctor at the earliest.