How To Connect A Keyboard To Your Apple iPad or Android Tablet

While using a smartphone or a tablet to send an email is convenient, for people with larger-sized fingers, it can also be frustrating. Small screens mean tiny touch keypads and it can take forever to send a simple message because of all the mistakes you make. Instead of putting up with a cramped keypad, you can attach a keyboard and other peripherals to your smartphone or tablet to make it more user-friendly.

Adding a Keyboard

Whether you have a device with an Android operating system or one that uses Apple OS, you can attach a keyboard to these devices. For most Android tablets, you have the choice between a wired external keyboard and a wireless Bluetooth external keyboard.

Wired Keyboards

To add a wired keyboard to a tablet with Android OS, your tablet will need to have a USB port. However, even if they do have a USB port, they will not be the same size as those on laptops or desktop computers. So, you will also need to purchase a USB on-the-go cable or a USB OTG cable.

The USB OTG cable plugs into the tablet through its Micro USB port and connects to a full-sized USB peripheral, such as a keyboard. The cables are very inexpensive, but they allow you to set-up your tablet or smartphone to make them easier for you to work on. However, do some research to make sure your device supports the use of a USB OTG cable because not all Android devices do.

Wireless Keyboards

If your tablet has Bluetooth functionality, you can add a wireless Bluetooth external keyboard. You can add Bluetooth functionality with an SD Card and USB adapters. When adding the keyboard, you would need to enable the adapter by going to “Manage Bluetooth Devices” and turning it on through “Bluetooth Settings.” After you do that, you can then turn on the keyboard, connect it and choose the keyboard from the list that comes up on the screen.

Apple OS Devices

If you want to add a keyboard to your Apple device, such as an Apple Ipad, you can purchase a keyboard made specifically for the device where you purchased the product. However, you can buy a wireless Bluetooth keyboard from another vendor and connect it to your Apple device.

Much the same way as you did with the Android tablet, you would need to go to “Settings” then “Bluetooth” and move the slider to the “On” position. You should see a list of devices for the iPad. If you don’t see the keyboard, switch it off and then on again. You may have to type in a code for the keyboard to connect to your device.

By adding a keyboard, a gamepad or other peripherals to your tablet, you can make it easier to work with documents, images and write emails. With a keyboard, you will be able to work for hours without the frustration of fingers that keep pressing the wrong letters. They are easy to connect, making your device easier to use.

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