How To Choose The Best Camping Cooler For Your Needs?

Going on a camping trip is one of the favorite activities of any family member. It is just fun and exciting to have a dinner or lunch outside the house. But, camping could last for several days depending on what have you planned beforehand. Of course, everyone would agree that long camping duration’s definitely require a cooler. The foods that you will going to bring on a camping trip needs to keep safe in order to remain edible for the entire trip. You don’t want to end the camping fun just because you don’t have any food to eat anymore right? If you still don’t have a cooler of your own, you can try looking at some camping cooler reviews available.

On this article, we will give a couple of advice or tips on how to choose a good camping cooler that you need.

  1. Price

Actually, basic coolers are quite cheap. You can easily buy from your local stores. They work quite well, if you are just planning for a short camping trip, the basic cooler that you usually see on the market would be good enough. It can keep your food cool and safe for about one day. A basic cooler is actually great since it is cheap and gets the job done. However, if the camping trip will be going on for days, then you need to shell out more money for a more expensive cooler.

Heavy duty coolers would be great for longer camping trips. They are really designed to keep your food cool for a longer time. The thick insulation and tight seals will make that happen. As expected, heavy duty coolers would be more expensive and heavier. There price range from $60 to a thousand dollars. So, if you are really a serious camper and is planning to bring a large group with you for several days, then you need a heavy duty cooler.

  1. The material the cooler is made of

The materials that the cooler is made of affects the cooler’s durability and function. You should choose whatever you prefers, but of course, there are a couple of differences. Poly now is common to camping coolers. It works well and actually makes the cooler durable and cheap. So, if you are just looking for a cooler that looks casual and works normally, you have this material as an option.

Keep in mind that you should always try to choose from a trusted brand. There are also metal coolers, which are quite solid and thick. They are durable and keep the food cool effectively. However, there looks wears out quite fast, that’s why you should also take care of them properly. Some rust would appear after some time. Pick a stainless steel cooler to prevent this from happening.

  1. Size of the cooler

This is quite basic and actually depends on your personal preferences. A larger cooler will naturally hold more food. They are also heavier, so you also have to keep that in mind. But, the fact that it holds more food is actually great. You won’t be moving the cooler too many times, right? Of course, you would just let it sit in a corner. Another thing that is worth thinking about is the amount of empty space inside the cooler. The more space that needs to be kept cold, the faster the ice melts. Camping coolers that have a capacity of 45-75-qtr should be great for the trip. About one quarter of the space inside the cooler will be used up by the ice.

  1. More features to look for

It would be great if the cooler has a bottom drain so that you can easily remove the water from the cooler easily. You don’t have to hold the cooler upside down if it has a good bottom drain. Letting the water from the ice out will be a lot easier. Another nice feature is the wheels. Transporting the cooler would be less of a problem if it can just roll around. Section dividers would be a nice addition too. Finding the food that you need would be faster. Decreasing the time that the cooler is keep open. Also, try to look for good handles and strong latches. The handles should be on each end of the cooler.

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