Waxing can be an extremely painful procedure, unless properly performed by an expert who can administer the right technique to reduce the pain caused by hair removal. After care of skin is just as important as the treatments applied before and during the process.

Your clients will turn to you to give them advice on how to keep their skin clear after waxing up till their next appointment. To give them the best advice, we have compiled a list of tips to suggest.

How To Care For Skin After Waxing


As the hair is removed, it leaves the hair follicles empty, sweat and dirt build-ups can clog the follicles and cause irritation. To avoid this, you should exfoliate once a week and remove any dead skin cells.  Pre-wax treatment should include exfoliation, but avoid exfoliating for at least four days after the wax as this may irritate the skin.

Warm water temperature

When showering or bathing, avoid using hot water. The temperature irritate the skin, so take a cool shower if necessary while steering away from using harsh soaps as some chemicals can clog the follicles and result in painful bumps.

Allow the skin to breath

As previously mentioned, waxing removes the hair from the follicles, leaving it vulnerable to be clogged with dirt and sweat. Wearing loose clothing can prevent sweat and allow the skin to breath. Tight clothing will constrict the skin and trap the sweat underneath. It can also rub against the skin and irritate it further.


Regularly moisturise the waxed area of the body with aloe vera moisturiser. The natural healing properties of aloe vera will sooth the skin and prevent irritation. Other antiseptic creams containing tea tree oil and witch-hazel are also beneficial.

Along with this, you should avoid touching the skin for a few days as bacteria from the hands can transfer and irritate the freshly opened hair follicles.  Any perfumed moisturiser and deodorant can also cause serious effects to the skin.

Sun exposure

As tempting as it is to go straight out into the sun to show off your newly waxed skin, the exposed skin will burn easily and irritate the follicles. Avoid the sun and sun beds for at least 48 hours after waxing. Public pools and saunas should be avoided too as this will cause cross infection.

Post waxing care for men

Dry brushing for men is essential. It removes dead skin cells on the surface that lead to blockages. As skin is tougher than women’s, exfoliating will be need to firmer. Use a coarse back mitt and brush vigorously to remove any dead skin cells.

Keep in mind that waxing is not for everyone, so you should remind your clients of this before waxing. If you are starting a course in beauty therapy, you will develop skills to aid in giving your future clients the perfect wax, as in most cases if the technique was not administered properly, it can lead to skin complications.  You will be taught how to properly give pre-wax treatment to aid in giving clients a (hopefully) pain free wax.

Bill Turner is a free-lance landscaper and writer. He enjoys teaching, traveling, authorship, and of course walking his dogs along the beachside.