You must have heard various stories about the explosion of pressure cookers and that is why pressure cookers have bad reputation but it is not true with the new models because they are safe and easy to use. Some people hesitate to use pressure cookers but believe me they are missing the taste of delicious recipes which are made in pressure cookers. You can reduce the cooking time and make recipes in few minutes especially when you are making the recipe with mutton or beef.

The pressure cookers works on a basic idea that under the pressure when the boiling point of a liquid become higher then pressure inside the pot is going to be build. Now the inside pressure raises the boiling point of water up to 250 degrees and under the hot steam food is cooked quickly. You should be thankful to the new technology in pressure cooker which makes the food cooked without losing its original flavor.

How To Buy The Best Pressure Cooker
Pressure Cooker is Made of?

Usually two type’s materials are used in the manufacturing of a reliable pressure cooker. Pressure cookers are made using stainless steel and of Aluminum. It is the priority of buyers to use cookers made of steel of aluminum why I would prefer aluminum over steel because they are affordable and you can use for years. One such example of reliable aluminum pressure cooker is 23 qt presto pressure cooker. As we all know that steel is not a good conductor of heat so you should go aluminum.

What should be the Ideal Size of Cooker?

Usually most of pressure cookers come in 6 quart but you should always try to purchase a cooker with big size because it will reduce your cooking time and ingredients in the cooker will cook easily because there is more space available for them. When you have more space in the pot then you cook bigger piece of meat and even whole chicken in the pressure cooker. Less food can be prepared in the bigger pot while more afford cannot be prepared in a smaller pot.

Wide or Tall?

Experts recommend wide models over tall ones because in wide cooker you will get wide cooking space because the bottom is bigger than tall cooker. Wide cooker is more efficient because you can cook food in less time and also food is easier to cook as well. Best pressure cookers should be at least 9 inches wide.

Are Non Stick Interior Cooker Safe?

It is an important question which usually revolves in the mind of people but it should be noted that non stick interior cannot bear pressure cooking because non stick interiors are made up of fluorocarbons so they drop off as a result of pressure in the cooker. So the fluorocarbons release poisonous gases which are harmful for our health.

Electric or Stove Cookers, which should be preferred?

Although electric pressure cookers have become popular in the recent years but actually they are source of pain and one such important point is that they come with one year warranty and on the counter part stove pressure cookers come with 10 years warranty. The parts of electric pressure cooker are hard to repair on the other hand stove cooker part are easy to repair. It is recommended to buy stove cooker instead of electric pressure cooker because stove cooker will make your life easier and give you more freedom as compare to the electric pressure cooker.

Does Length of handle matters or not?

Yes the length of cooker always matter so never purchase a cooker with a short handle because you will end up in burning your fingers everything you will touch the cooker. On the other hand a long handle prevents you from burning and it is easy to open and close the lid.


Whenever you want to purchase a pressure cooker you should keep all the points in your mind mentioned above. Considering all the factors discussed above will make your cooking easier and you will select the best product for yourself that would be reliable as well as long lasting.