The advent of compact Crossover SUV has made the ever-popular sedan pale in comparison. The versatile features that fits precisely over a wide range of lifestyles, compact size, pleasure filled drive and fuel efficiency are great selling points that have tipped the scales in favour of the compact Crossover SUVs.

Other notable features include all-wheel drive, higher riding, better view of traffic and sporty image. With most of the vehicles in this segment, being similar in pricing, capabilities, and features, choosing the best is challenging. Of the various models, Mazda CX-5 definitely stands out with its spectacular features.


Selecting the Best

Mazda CX-5 excels in many fronts making it a huge hit among Canadians who have a special interest in small Crossovers as well as SUV’s. With the efficient handling and elegant style, the Mazda CX-5 dominates in the compact Crossover SUV segment in Toronto. You can get best deals on the vehicle by visiting The CX-5 surpasses in both its exterior and interior features making it a perfect choice for shoppers who are looking for a unique and versatile SUV Crossover model at a reasonable price tag.

Something for Everyone

Compact Crossovers bring the best of comfort, convenience, and efficiency. The inherent versatility makes them useful in many situations, such as:

Small families find the vehicles a good starter car as it can hold a sizeable cargo especially with the rear seats folded in.

Empty nesters who find the need for more luggage space occasionally find the Crossovers convenient

The younger generation takes to it readily as they often try to stuff the vehicle with all their belongings.

Active sports loving people who want sufficient space for carrying their gear find it useful.

Crossovers, especially the compact SUV’s find takers over a wide range of people and this is true in Canada too. The versatility of these vehicles has made them replace the sedan with their stellar features at a price that is comparable to the sedan.

Get the Best Price

To buy a compact Crossover such as the Mazda CX-5, which incidentally is the best in the segment, you need to be able to calculate the right price. The actual dealer cost and price quoted in the invoice are not similar, as the invoice price has a hidden mark-up price and the holdup cost in it. When you use a genuine and reputed dealer, you can gain better leverage and negotiate the best price and avoid overpaying for the vehicle. Make sure the dealer you approach offers lowest prices and multiple quotes. Research on price comparisons also helps to know the lowest price possible.

Rebates mentioned are usually discounted from the on road price. The rebate can be used if you are buying with ready cash or arranging the financing on your own. If you opt for the low interest rate financing option offered by the manufacturer, the rebate is not possible; however, this may depend on the dealer.

With its upgraded exterior, luxury rich interiors and superior driving dynamics, the Mazda CX-5 is a best buy option all around. With low operating expense, low price and great safety and reliability features, this vehicle is an excellent one. Make sure you buy Mazda CX-5 from a reputed and genuine dealer, so you save money, while enjoying the superior features of the car.