Physiotherapy is one of the most booming fields of medical science. Joint and muscle pains and injuries are common amongst the old and the young and hence in order to treat them properly doctors always advice physiotherapy. Thus there is a constant demand for physiotherapists who are trained and the pass outs of a good Dpt college.

Since there is an upward curve in the demand for trained physiotherapists these days, more and more students are opting for a course in this field. Some of these courses are extremely well designed and they provide the aspirants with just the right training that they need. So if you are thinking of becoming a physiotherapist, then you should enroll for a physiotherapy technician course as well.

What is a physiotherapy technician course all about?

Physiotherapy is a rehabilitation program that has helped healthcare to become more effective. When one opts for a diploma course in this field from a reputed college which offers a DPT course, the aspirant is trained in the various fields of physiotherapy and the workings of the human anatomy so that they know the exercises and the proper work out mechanisms that will help a person to heal an injury faster. For example, if you have a nagging ankle pain or back pain that simply refuses to go away, then you can always take the help of a physiotherapist to heal your pain effectively far more quickly. This course entails an aspirant to learn various exercises and it is also very important for the student to keep themselves updated since this is a field of work is ever expanding. Since this a job oriented course, a DPT course is generally pretty demanding.

What is taught during a diploma in physiotherapy course?

During a course in physiotherapy, each and every student is taught the art of providing proper physical care to their ailing patients. One is extensively trained in the exercises and is given hands-on knowledge in this healthcare area so that one has the proper training to become an effective physiotherapist after they have completed this course. This course also teaches one how to interact with their patients since most ailing patients required encouragement from time to time. The students are also taught how to handle various types of equipment required in this field of work.

Duration and eligibility criteria for the course

Anybody who has passed their 10, 10+2 and bachelors in any field can apply for this course. This course is spread out over a period of two years and there is no age limit when it comes to applying.

Career opportunities after this course

Since this is a job oriented course, you can start practicing as a licensed physiotherapist after you complete this course. You can work in both public and private sectors. You can become a physiotherapist assistant when you complete a diploma in physiotherapy course. After gaining proper and sufficient experience in this field you might pursue a career in sports medicine with further degrees or you can set up your own practice as a physiotherapist.