Have you ever had someone say, “I hate you because you got straight A’s,” or “How are you so smart?”

Sometimes these people truly work hard and get little in return. Sometimes these people don’t do anything and thus, don’t get anything in return. So…for the latter, how do you stop hating the ones with the good grades?

It’s simple.

You get your ass in gear and start studying!!!

Remember all those teen movies and tv shows where the slacker of the group is always told he or she needs to “apply themselves”? The on-screen teachers and counselors were right!!!

I know it sucks and it seems like a complete nuisance, but you’ve got to just buckle down and do your work.

But of course, you must reward yourself.

An example:

When I was in junior high, I used to study for a couple of fours and then reward myself by watching Cold Case or CSI. I’d feel accomplished and felt like I could relax and have fun without the question of “should I be doing something more productive?”

And guess what, I got straight A’s or, depending, close to straight A’s.

Sometimes to be smart all you have to do is “apply yourself.”