How To Apply Eye Makeup The Right Way For Beginners

As a beginner, eye makeup application is not a walk in the park. You will make a lot of mistakes but remember that is part of the learning process. Most women are affected by several beauty trends in the world. For beginners it not easy to apply a perfect eye makeup but with practice and having the right tools and adequate blending, you can easily master the eye makeup technique. Simple eye makeup application does not require many different products, but you will be required to have the correct brushes so as to get the job well done. Sometimes when applying your eye makeup you can be carried away by some excitement and the need to impress and as a result you can be confused on the choice of a perfect eye makeup style for that day. Here are some tips on how to apply eye makeup the right way for beginners so that you can be transformed from a beginner to a star when it comes to eye makeup.

1. Wash Your Face

Start by washing the whole face by using your gentle cleanser, if you still have a makeup on then use a makeup remover and pay more attention to eyeliner or mascara left. In case you have difficulties on removing some residual makeup on your eyes, then try using water that is cold or using regular lotion and cotton swab. In case your skin is dry around the eyes you can apply some little moisturizer. You should not apply the moisturizer on the eyelids because it will make the greasy and your makeup can run off. Remember your previous eye makeup should always be removed first before you wash your face and you can use a cotton ball and then wet it with an eye makeup remover and begin to swipe one eye at a time. It is recommended to start with the upper lip as you swipe while putting low pressures. This step also applies when you want to apply a smokey eye step by step.

2. Your Base

A good eye makeup starts beneath your base. As a beginner if you need to apply a smokey eye step by step then take this step seriously. Begin by using a primer and a concealer in case you feel the need. However, if your skin is prone to being shiny after few hours, then you can use oil free primer this will be of great help. There is need of getting the basic preparation steps perfectly to ensure a perfect canvas in which to apply your make up. In addition it is good to know that during the warm weather, makeup do slip off easily hence, it is important to use the primer first to your lids before using an eye shadow.

3. Eye Shadow

Another major step of having a perfect eye makeup is applying an eye shadow onto your upper eye lid starting from the lashes to the crease. Then you are supposed to apply similar eye shadow onto your lower eye lash line, this should be done by the use of your angled brush. Then use your smudge brush so as to spread your eye shadow onto both the lower and upper eye lids.

4. Eyeliner

The eyeliner should be applied as close to the lash line as possible to make sure it looks like part of your natural lash line. For you to achieve that perfect eye makeup, then look for pencil eyeliner because it is creamier and softer. If you need to appear more gorgeous and natural then apply it on eyelids and then smudge it with your finger. Remember as one gets old they tend to be reluctant on using eyeliner, but you should not stop instead you should go for subtle colors like grey and brown and apply more of mascara so as to complement the look.

5. Mascara

Avoid using mascara and eyeliner on lower lashes. A lot of eye make-up on the lower lid makes your eyes look droopy. More focus should be on your upper eye lashes. It is advised to begin mascara application from the roots of your lashes instead from the tips. By doing this it will ensure enough volume and will not weigh down the eyelashes. In addition making your mascara to last much longer, you need to avoid pumping the wand at the same time you are pulling out the mascara but just swirl it. This will also not dry out your mascara. Ensure your mascara on your eyes is not dry but semi-wet in case you will be using an eyelash curler after you apply your mascara.


When you need to have a perfect eye makeup that will make you look good, you need to follow the above tips they will really help you.

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