Bathrooms don’t take long to start looking a little worse for wear, probably because they are the most frequented rooms in a house. That’s why it’s important when taking care of your home cleaning, to pay particular attention when cleaning your bathroom and toilets. By performing a regular effective house clean you won’t then be faced with the gruelling task of scrubbing that grime and dirt from your bathroom tiles. That said, time gets away from all of us and we can often neglect those cleaning chores. So here’s how I keep my bathroom sparkling day in and day out!

Bathroom glass doors are very often neglected and can gather lots of grime on the bottom and water stains that can be a real nightmare to try and get rid of. I use lemon juice or vinegar on my glass shower doors at least twice a month, which really does help diminish those water droplet stains. Another great option is to use the same chemicals that clean your car windshield! Ordinary window cleaner is usually not effective enough in removing hard water stains. It’s best left for afterwards, when you want to give your glass shower doors an extra sheen.

If you don’t have glass doors, but instead use a shower curtain, you’ll know how grubby this can get after a while. The best option here is just to remove the curtain from its rail and stick in the washing machine on a light, cool wash. Throwing in a few towels with the shower curtain will help to scrub it clean as it’s churning around in the washing machine.

How To Achieve A Sparkling Bathroom

There’s really no excuse for dirty or stained toilet. With regular domestic cleaning you can avoid the build up of lime scale in your toilet bowl. Here’s what I do. Use a citric acid based cleaning product (that’s non-toxic) and use a good quality toilet brush to clean before flushing.

Basin and bath drains can often become clogged with hair, so why not always keep handy a drain gel that will clear your drains. Just remember to read the instructions as some gels must be used followed by the running of cold or hot water, depending. To avoid clogged drains, why not when doing your house clean, just sweep up any hairs from your bathtub or basin daily!

The best time for bathroom cleaning is probably right after you’ve had a wash. Wipe down the basin and floor every time you use your shower or bathtub and you’ll be amazed at how much cleaner your bathroom will always look!

Now if you have somewhat neglected your bathroom cleaning you can always call in a cleaning service who with their professional equipment can get rid of grime on the grouting between tiles and get your bathroom glass doors sparkling. There are many cleaning agencies out there, but you should look out for ones that specialise in domestic cleaning. Professional cleaners are no strangers to cleaning those difficult to reach areas and can even rid your bathroom of any mould that you can’t remove, no matter how hard you scrub! It’s worth considering hiring the services of a cleaning company if you don’t have the time to maintain a spotless bathroom!

As I’ve said before you can’t beat a regular cleaning routine, but a deep bathroom clean will be required at some point or other. So if you’re not quite up to getting down and dirty I recommend you hire cleaning services sooner rather than later.