Increased metabolism is known to aid in weight loss where more and more people are getting aware of the significance of the body’s metabolism to maintain ideal weight and to shed those extra kilos. Proper diet which does not involve starving oneself but instead eating healthy food is always better and is the right way of losing weight permanently. Starvation or poor diet on the other hand gives you immediate results which quickly disappear only to increase your weight even further.

Losing extra weight and maintaining the right weight is essential for avoiding obesity a modern lifestyle disorder which is known to cause serious health complications like high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, liver disorders, etc. Thus ideal weight is always a necessity to stay fit healthy and active.

Tips for Accelerating your Body Metabolism Rate

These tips are some lifestyle changes that are easy to inculcate. The first thing you can do t increase your metabolism is t eat a healthy and heavy breakfast. Skipping breakfast makes your body enter the starvation mode that slows down the metabolism for saving the calories. In fact it is believed that the more regular you are on skipping your breakfast you are 4.5 times more likely to get obese.

Proteinaceous lunch where you consume 30 grams of protein for lunch is known to accelerate metabolism. Muscle cells are known to burn more calories than fat cells and consuming proteins assures that the muscle cells are replenished as lost muscle cells are always substituted by the fat cells.  Increasing your body’s metabolic rate is required to maintain a healthy weight.

How To Accelerate Your Body Metabolism Rate

Sip up some Green Tea an Efficient Weight Loss Remedy

Green tea is not only rich in anti oxidants it is also known to burn calories. In fact a cup of green tea in a day burns 50 calories that accounts to five pounds in a year making it a natural booster of your body’s metabolic rate. Milk is known to accelerate the body’s metabolism as it helps in metabolizing the body fat and whenever you feel like snacking on junk drink 7-8 ounces of low fat milk or take some low fat yoghurt to suppress the cravings.

Regular exercises are a wonderful way of boosting up your metabolism and when you supplement it with fish oil it is known to increase the activity and efficiency of the fat burning enzymes. Metabolism is something that is known to decrease with age and thus including regular exercises as a daily routine for at least 15 to 20 minutes is essential for burning up few calories.

Sleep is a Way of Burning Down Calories

Ten hour of sleep known as beauty seep not only brings the glow on your face but it as sheds about four hundred calories. A good night’s uninterrupted sleep for at least eight hours is what a person needs to stay fit and active.

Negative calorie foods are gaining popularity as metabolism boosters. These foods have low calories in them and the calories they make use of to be digested are tremendous. Thus they increase metabolism by burning stored calories for digesting threes low calorie food. These low calorie food are easily available from your kitchen. Apples, grapefruit, celery, cabbage, broccoli, etc are some of the common negative calorie foods which are metabolism boosters.

By following these easy to follow simple tips you can achieve your gal of shedding off that extra weight to maintain a healthy and active life. It is important to protect yourself from becoming a victim of obesity which is quite common today. You can also try using the forskolin supplements.