It’s hard to imagine driving without a windshield. The dangers can be many; without a protective glass on our vehicle, you will be subject to numerous hazards while driving on the road. Operating a vehicle itself would be next to impossible task if the vehicle is devoid of a windshield.

Even a damaged windshield poses potentially fatal risks. Hence, your front windshield glass is one of the most important safety parts of your vehicle. Here a few ways your front glass protects you:

How The Car Windshield Protects You

1. It gives structural strength: The windshield provides structural support to the frame of the car. In case of an accident, it acts as a barrier, preventing your roof from crushing you. In case of a front-end collision, it renders 45% of structural strength to your vehicle. In case of rollover accidents, it accounts for 60 % structural strength.

2. Protection from the sun: Windshield glass is not like any other ordinary glass. It is a three-layered glass with a special plastic layer in the center sandwiched between laminated glass layers. So, you do not have to worry about sun causing damage to your skin as your windshield is enough to provide sun protection of up to 50 SPF or more.

3. Keeps car interior safe: The car windshield acts as a barrier occupying a major portion of your car’s front. Without a windshield, your car will become accessible to every person and even animals. Auto glass is the essential barrier that prevents theft. Hence, to prevent theft make sure that Nissan windshield warranty is a part of your Nissan car insurance plan so that it can be repaired or replaced immediately in case it has been damaged.

4. Protection from debris and weather conditions: Windscreens act as a barrier between the cabin and wind, dust, dirt, debris and other similar things on the road. Apart from wind and debris, windshield also protects from extreme weathers such as the cold, rain, and hail.

5. Noise insulation: – The blaring horns, the hustle bustle of the streets and noisy traffic movement can give you a headache. Windshields are essential to creating a soundproof environment inside the cabin. It is the noise insulation property of windshields which make them ideal for noisy roads and busy streets.

Nissan is a Japanese automobile company which has been constantly introducing high-end cars to the market. If you happen to own a Nissan car, make sure that you take enough care of the auto glass in order to avoid incurring Nissan windshield replacement cost quite often.