Making a move can be so stressful, but even more so for families with small children. Not only must you pack, but you also need to keep your children busy. Having friends take your children to allow you and spouse to pack is a smart move. But so is encouraging your small children to do their part as you make a move.

How Small Children Can Help You Make A Move

Your Children: Children as young as two can help you make your move. As long as they are mobile, attentive and can follow directions, you have helpers at the ready.

For the youngest children, you’ll want to place a box in their room and ask them to put their favorite toys inside. With your supervision, the children will begin to fill each box and add in padding. Treat it as a game and your children will sense the “fun” in the activity.

For older children, but still preschoolers, they’ll be able to assist more readily. Once children reach school age, you’ll find that they’re more resourceful and can go through their stuff to determine what they want to keep and what they’re willing to get rid of. Consider holding a yard sale where your children can sell their stuff and enjoy a financial remuneration for their help.

Teenagers may offer the best help of all. After all, they have strength on their side and can help pack and lift boxes. In some families, you may find that the teens are also suited to watch the younger children. In any case, use that useful energy to have them bring things down from the attic, clear out the garage and clean up the basement.

Your Tasks: Your older children can help you acquire the boxes you’ll need to complete your move. Take them with you as you visit stores and ask managers for their spare boxes. The more hands available, the more boxes you’ll be able to cart away. Besides, you’ll be doing a great job in demonstrating to your children just how much goes into making a move explains the North American Moving Services.

When it comes time to holding a yard sale, children from kindergarten on up can help tag your items. This can be a great opportunity to teach your youngest ones math and show how you arrive at your prices. Your older children can help set up the sale, by putting tables in place, hanging signs, writing the Craigslist ad, and spreading the word in other ways.

The Move: Beyond packing, selling items, keeping their rooms clean, and otherwise being helpful, your children can help in many other ways. Come moving day, you’ll need for them to arise early, take the sheets off of their beds, eat their breakfast, wash up and brush their teeth, get dressed, and follow your instructions.

Likely, the movers will arrive at your home fairly early. If the move starts at 7 a.m., then spending the night at a hotel before you move is wise. Still, you will need your children to complete the rest of their activities and prepare for the move.

A few days before the move takes place, have your children identify the things they want to take with them as you make your transition to a new home. If you’re driving there, then books, toys, music, and other forms of entertainment should be present.

As a parent, you’ll also want to pack an assortment of healthy snacks for everyone to consumer along the way. Avoid the high sugar and high sodium foods that your children might prefer to consume. Remember, its a long trip to your new destination, unless you’re flying. In that case, no snacks are allowed other than what you purchase at the airport or find available on the airplane.