Generating revenue is often the prime motivator of starting and running a website. Many websites have one sole purpose that is to generate as much sales as possible at the lowest cost. In this case, they need to make sure that consumers could find a good personal experience. This could have a real effect on the ultimate goal of our website. When trying to make a sale, we shouldn’t sacrifice customer satisfaction. Many of us have tried to use a website and we end up getting lousy experience. There are big differences when we are eager to purchase something from websites with great experience.

In this case, without prime motivator, our website won’t be able to survive very long. When we are focusing on revenue and sales, we should be able to please consumers. Online marketers and webmasters need to strive on creating long-term and proper relationship with customers. This will allow us to ensure that they will continue to buy from us. They should have the desire and need or even, motivation to purchase our products and hire our services. In general, no websites are able to do this better than Amazon. The giant e-tailer has the biggest customers in the market. They are simply the most successful website on the planet.

In this case, we should be able to learn from the best and borrow some of the ideas. For many small businesses, generating just 0.1 percent of Amazon’s revenue could already give them sizable profits. Amazon is an evidence of the effectiveness of customer-oriented website. Amazon is able to personalize our shopping experience down to every single person. When we visit Amazon, we are able a vast selection of categories for different products. Each member of the family could to different sections of the website and choose products that they want. Our website could offer far less selections of products, but we should be able to define strict categorization.

Amazon has the ability to understand our past buying habits and it is able to recommend us products that we could be interested in. In this case, individual experience can be tailored quite accurately. We need to make sure that the website can be designed around customers’ desires. Amazon has gone to an extensive effort to individualize their experiences. For Amazon, sales are still their prime motivator, but they are able to do this by ensuring proper relationships. It would be much cheaper and easier if we are able to build sales-oriented websites that prioritize on customer experience.

After spending more than a few hours with Amazon, just to examine its layout and features, we should be able to get the drift of how it could appeal users. It is nearly impossible for small businesses to kick Amazon from its top position, but we should be able to gain much more sales by adopting some of the concepts. By utilizing past experiences, we should be able to go back to websites and the overall experience should be quite positive.