Rising damp not only puts our buildings and valuables at great risk but harms our health too. We come across many building-structures that suffer from worn out plasters, dark patches and deposits of mold. These are the ill effects of rising damp. Likewise many people living in them also suffer from harmful impacts upon their health. Few of them may be affected with cancer or excessive coughing and other serious diseases. This is also because of the culprit, i.e. the rising damp. It can be got rid of by availing the services of prominent concerns including Damp proofing Uxbridge that provide viable solutions.

How Rising Damp Is Harmful For Us?

Rising Damp can harm us in the Shape of following Ill Effects:

a. Damage to our buildings – Building structures are badly damaged because of the rising damp that spoils the bricks, plasters and the paints. The entire get-up of the buildings is destroyed due to this great menace that makes us to suffer badly on account of monetary losses too. Many a times the building owners are forced to demolish the entire structures and erect new ones.

b. Loss to valuable items – Rising damp causes great damage to the valuable items including wooden furniture. The steel items are affected with junk and they are turned into scrap. Rising damp is a great harm for our clothing too. Their condition also worsens and many of them do not remain worth wearing.

c. Harmful for the environment – Rising damp is a great nuisance for the environment too. Clean surroundings and environments is a must for all of us. However the rising damp puts a bad impact upon the environment that is polluted in a big way. Polluted environment in turn affects our health in adverse manners. Those staying in excessive moisturized regions or buildings are prone to serious ailments.

d. Health problems – Rising damp is a matter of great concern for our health too. It results in deposits of mold and serious health conditions. Many persons living in buildings affected with rising damp are prone to serious diseases including asthma and other respiratory ailments. Mold allergies, disordered immune system, frequent fevers and cough are such ill effects of the rising damp. Serious diseases including memory loss, rashes or headaches are also ill effects.

It may be noted that our mouth, nose and lungs are affected with the mold spores that fly through the air and attack these parts. The respiratory tract can be damaged in a big way with the mold because of the rising damp. Mold may result in runny nose, cough, scratchy throat, post-nasal drip, itchy eyes or sneezing effects upon our health. Hypersensitivity is another problem related with mold due to the rising damp. It can result in inflamed lungs that may cause chills, fever and aches. Lung scarring and breathlessness may also occur due to rising damp.

Rising damp should be fought with appropriate preventive steps. We may approach the famous companies like Damp proofing Uxbridge that come up with positive methods to stay away from this nuisance.