Home appliances play a commanding role in a modern day household. Every task requires the help of a home appliance. While most of them are controlled manually, they can now be remote controlled thanks to technology. A remote control is very helpful when it comes to the functioning of an appliance.

We are surrounded by home appliances in our household. From a fan to light, cooler, geyser, water pump, air conditioner, you need to control home appliances effectively. How would it be if there was a universal remote control for home appliances? Well, there is now thanks to the technology called smart Plug. With this, your smartphone can become the remote control for all your appliances. It can come in handy when the appliances need to be controlled. It is versatile and convenient since it helps to connect all the home appliances through smart plus and an app to a single smartphone which can control all of them. There are lots of benefits of using such remote control.

How Remote Control Helps To Control Home Appliances?

1. Helps in saving time

It will help you save your precious time as you will not have to fumble for the required remote amidst four or five such remotes. It can activate any appliance at one go. There are features where you can set the scheduled switching on and off timing of the appliances so that you don’t have to wait or be present personally to monitor.

2. Cost friendly

People at times tend to forget to switch off the appliances. With one such remote all the appliances can be switched off thereby helping in controlling wastage of electricity. Often electricity bills are higher than the cost of such appliances. It will help your reduction of electricity bills. Each remote requires a set of batteries. So if you have separate remote control for separate appliance battery consumption is higher which can be curtailed. But with an app, you not only have convenience but save money too.

3. Less space

Having different remote to control home appliances requires more space on the table where it is kept. Having one such remote for all will make your table clutter free and clean. What’s more, it is all on your smartphone. Thus, you do not have to worry about finding the right remote or losing it either.

4. Easy to use

Every remote have different functions which need to be known before using. Having one remote will make your task easy as you will have to figure out the details of one only.

5. Protection from theft

In the modern day of the technology revolution, many controllers have intruder alert facility. The motion sensor, when activated, detects any movement in the proximity. It can send an alert to you in case your house is under threat of theft.  A message via SMS alerts you and your emergency contacts and protects against any such thefts and intruders.

The lone remote control linking all appliances to one thus benefits in many ways. On a lighter note, your responsibilities are reduced as you can schedule the on and off timer of all the appliances and forget about the hassles and burdens of remembering to switch it on or off on time.

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