How On-the-go Entertainment is Boosting Growth of Mobile Apps?

Whether you enjoy watching movies at the comfort of your home or you like to binge on a series on-the-go? Whichever you enjoy, we have got you covered! As this millennium witnesses new dimensions of technology, on-the-go entertainment has become widely popular. Nowadays, TV sets are being replaced by smartphones, tablets, iPads, and laptops. With the introduction of a greater number of streaming apps, many people are opting for streaming apps and live TVs like Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hotstar. Streaming App services can be integrated with certain Smart TVs using a digital assistant.

In both digital cable and DTH network, the picture and sound qualities are excellent. It broadcasts both standard definition and high definition picture of 720p. Some set-top boxes offer 1080p HD picture quality. Signal disturbances during heavy rain and bad weather is a common occurrence. Most streaming apps offer a picture quality of 720p to 1080p. Live streaming apps also get affected during bad weather owing to internet connectivity and speed.

Cable TV offers fewer channels compared to DTH. The focus of cable networks is on regional channels. DTH providers are promoting south Indian and other TV channel packages in Tamil, Telegu, and Malayalam to its customers. DTH offers more channel packages as per customer preference. In streaming apps, you can access almost all the channels provided by the network provider.

The set top box of cable TV costs around Rs.1000/-, which includes installation charges. The set-top boxes of all leading DTH companies cost starts at Rs 1700/- which includes installation charges. The basic packages of most of the DTH providers start from Rs 150/- onwards. Dish TV HD packages start at Rs.148/- per month. Streaming apps are both free and available for a yearly subscription fee. Netflix and Amazon prime charge a fee to its users for streaming movies, shows, etc. Standard data charges are applicable while streaming shows on your mobile and tablets. The programs broadcasted through DTH are based on a daily set schedule. You might miss your favorite show because of fixed broadcasting schedules. However, you can opt for Live TV recording feature in case of a DTH connection. You can stream any show anywhere on mobile apps any time.

Also, the ad breaks in traditional TV shows are longer and more frequent. The duration of ads in mobile apps is very short lasting only a few seconds. This is a big relief for those who don’t like interruptions during shows. Mobile apps are certainly the best choice of on-the-go entertainment with better connectivity and a wide variety of channels to watch. However, nothing can replace the experience of watching a movie on big screen television.


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