It is a very common human instinct to look better and attractive than others. Everyone has this desire whether they are in office, party, wedding, social gathering, in company of friends or attending some function. And this instinct can also be seen in people when they are shopping. This instinct of humans has made them more curious about their dresses and persona. This curiosity creates a whole lot of quest when people go out for shopping. They are very conscious before buying any product. This conscious leads them to ask some questions about the store prior visiting it and the store which succeeds in answering those questions efficiently wins the visit. Also one simply does not have enough time to visit the store and ask sales men about what the store is about and what their latest trends are. People want to know this prior to visiting the store. Window displays can easily do this heavy lifting for sellers and fashion outlets. Window displays is the display area mostly at the very front of the retail store where buyers land their eyes. They are decorated with very eye catching and visually appealing products to grab the attention of buyers in first look. Display windows also market the best products which a store has to offer to buyers. An adjustable mannequin is very suitable product for display merchandising the products of the store. And also flexible mannequin can be positioned in any humanly or artistic pose so they create very eye catching and appealing display scenes in the display windows which can also grab the attention of buyers. As soon as their sight lands on some very catchy collection portrayed to them with display mannequins in very presentable form, they get all the questions answered and immediately offer visit to the store. Consider a bridal wear store, which has a very nice display window setup. A lady who is looking for bridal dress for her wedding can easily get to know in flick of her eye. She can easily get to know this store is about wedding dresses; also some catchy display posses by a flexible mannequin can force her to buy the particular product and accessories.

Buyers are also conscious about their looks, personality and attire. They want to know or have an overview of the product on them. They want to know whether the particular product will add to their personality or it will be just fine for them. An articulated mannequin serves this purpose very well for both the buyer and the seller. These dummies are highly adjustable and they feature jointed body parts which let their body parts to be moved in humanly positions. These moving body parts are used to create different humanly and sporty posses.  Buyers get attracted to these posses and compelled towards the store to visit and watch out the products closely. Any person shopping for some product will like to know about the result of the particular product onto him. As bendable mannequin models are available in all genders as male, female and kids, they do not leave any part of the society untargeted.