How Long A Chiropractic Treatment Should Last

You might have been in an auto accident a few weeks ago and started experiencing back pain as a result. Or perhaps all of those sports you played as a teenager are starting to catch up with you and you find that your back and shoulder feel stiff.  Or maybe just day to day living is causing you to have an achy back.  Whatever your reason, you might be considering going to see a Nanaimo chiropractor for some relief.  First of all, you have made a good choice.  But you might have a few questions, not the least of which is how long should your treatment last.

There are several answers to this question, actually.  The actual time depends a lot on you – how bad your injury was, how much discomfort you were in before, and what your unique physiology is like.  To get started, you will probably be asked to come in two to three times a week for up to four weeks. After a few visits to your chiropractor, you should start to feel better, and after four weeks, you should feel anywhere from 40% to 80% better.  Many chiropractors will want to see you four to six times, then re-evaluate your condition to be sure that what they are doing is helping you.

Once you start to feel better, you should not have to visit the chiropractor as often.  Your chiropractor may give you some exercises to do at home that will help strengthen your muscles in your core to support your back better. Sometimes, physical therapy is required to give you a structured way to build muscles properly. He or she may also recommend some changes to your workplace ergonomics that will help your back.

You may get referred to a specialist who can help fit you with a set of orthotics that will help improve your posture and your gait, helping your back feel better.  Other experts might fit you with better pillows to support you while you sleep, or do massages to relax tight muscles that are contributing to your pain.

When you start seeing your chiropractor, make sure you understand what the diagnosis is and what the treatment plan will be.  If it requires treating three times a week for several months, you should go see another chiropractor for a second opinion.

Each visit should take anywhere from 30-45 minutes each, but do allow some extra time for the first visit where your chiropractor will need to assess you and determine the right course of action.

When you are feeling much better, you will start seeing your chiropractor for maintenance. It’s important to do a couple of maintenance appointments a year because life happens.  Anything more frequent than that is probably unnecessary.

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