There is something magical about going to the beach that does your body all sorts of good. And now recent studies have proven why that is so. So if you thought it was all ‘fun in the sun’, surfing the waves and snorkeling, you have yet to learn the true potential of the beach.

The people who live near these areas know what they’re in for. If you don’t know then this article will help clarify things. Given below is a list of the finest benefits that the beach can do for your body. Be sure to have your sunblock with you.

  1. The Fresh Air Lets You Sleep

You probably have noticed by now how many people sleep on the beach. This is mostly due to the sea air that blows around. That kind of air contains healthy negative ions that allow us to take in oxygen better. The ions keep levels of serotonin, which is a body chemical that manages stress and mood, balanced and in check.

It is no wonder that many people feel more energized and alert after spending a day at the beach. We are able to focus, concentrate and think better at home, school and work.

  1. Sound Of Waves Soothes the Brain

Who would have thought that the sound of waves would be so soothing to the mind? God of course! Other than that, research has come to a conclusion that the sound of waves alters the wave patterns of the brain. This puts us in a calm and relaxed phase that is too good to ignore.

  1. You Will Have An Active Lifestyle

Ever wonder why so many people are enthralled to run around the beach, playing volleyball and more? It is because the beach prompts us to engage in physical activities. Thus, this leads to a healthier lifestyle that will put us in great shape and induce all kinds of fun with it.

  1. It Provides You With Vitamin D

The reflection of the sun from the sand and sea is a great way to get Vitamin D for the skin. Everything will fold nicely as long as you have your sunscreen on. Then you can take in as much of the sun’s powers as you want. Vitamin D also increases endorphins, lower the risk of cancer, improves bone health as well as your autoimmune protection.

  1. Salt Water Can Heal You

Yes, you heard it right – salt water has great healing properties that bring you back to life. It hydrates the skin, improves circulation and boosts the immune system. Because it is rich in magnesium, salt water helps relaxes your muscles and induce sleep. This is precisely why some prefer swimming in the ocean, other than it being a great exercise routine.

  1. It Is A Great Source For Meditation

With the combination of the sea air and water, it is clear by now that the ocean is indeed magical. It takes meditation to the next level. Everything from the sound of the waves to actually swimming in them is essential to the chakras in your body. It aims to bring new meaning and light into your life.

  1. It Improves Skin Conditions

The UV rays are one of the nature’s most profound gifts for humanity. They are what keep some of the direst skin conditions at bay like dermatitis and psoriasis. The rays slow down the production of skin cells and lower inflammation. Don’t forget to take your SPF with you if you plan to absorb all those strong UV rays.

So now you know of the grace and blessings that the beach comes with. If you wish to rent a house somewhere next to it, who are we to stop you?

Author Bio

Amelie Anderson is a Travel Blogger and Medical Specialist for Dissertation Help Consultancy. She is inquisitive about knowing the human biology and uses blogging to spread awareness to hidden facts about human health. You can follow him on Google+.