The world knows all about the Kegel exercises that were introduced by U.S. gynecologist, Dr. Arnold Kegel, in the mid 1900’s. It was originally designed for women, in order to strengthen their pelvic muscles after childbirth. Not only were Dr. Kegel’s female patients touting its benefits in strengthening their sexual muscles, but women said that it seemed to help them experience more intense orgasms. Now, these benefits have also been confirmed by their male counterparts.

Improving the Male Sex Life With Kegels

What could mean more to men, than to experience longer lasting erections and to reach intense orgasms. One of the natural methods for men to experience longer erections, is with Kegels. It has been proven that improving your sex life with Kegel exercises for men, can increase your sexual performance. Kegels are exercises to improve and strengthen the pelvic floor muscles, known as the puboccygeus or PC muscle. These muscles are responsible for men achieving a better, longer, more intense erection, as well as for controlling urination.

How Kegel Exercises Help Men’s Lifestyle?

Benefits of Kegel Exercises

There are proven benefits in men performing a regular exercise routine of Kegel exercises. These include:

  •   Kegel help you last longer during intercourse
  •   Kegel gives you a harder erection
  •   Kegel exercise improves the force of ejaculation
  •   Kegel enlarges the penis
  •   Kegel improves the angle of an erection
  •   Kegel can also improve bladder control or urinary incontinence
  •   Kegels improve the post operative condition of the prostate gland and associated problems
  •   Kegel helps to prevent premature ejaculation and can delay ejaculation. Also, you can do Kegels privately, anytime and any place by squeezing the PC muscles, without anyone knowing.

How To Perform Kegel Exercise

To find out where your PC muscle is located, when you need to urinate, halfway through, quickly stop the flow. Keep your concentration on your body to feel which muscle you are using to stop the urine flow – this is your PC muscle. Also, recognize and use this muscle only and not your stomach, buttock, or thigh muscles. To perform Kegel exercises, begin with the following:

1. Contract or squeeze your PC muscle for 3 seconds

2. Rest the PC muscle for 3 seconds

3. Perform this exercise several times a day (3 x) until you can squeeze and hold for a longer period of time

Performing Kegels every few days or each week, vamps up the number of contractions you can hold, allowing your muscles to become stronger. This allows the blood flow to increase leading into the penis, which leads to stronger and longer lasting erections. Some men, after doing Kegel exercises for several months, stated that they developed the ability to seamlessly squirt more semen volume, faster than they did before Kegels. Wow, Kegel exercises for men is truly their best natural friend.

Dr. Ruth and Kegels

Men who have suddenly experienced one orgasm after another, have also claimed that Kegel exercises is responsible. This phenomenon is called “refractory period,” which means that this is the time that it takes after an orgasm before men can have another one during one sexual encounter. Physicians believe, as a theory, that Kegel exercises get the pelvic muscles in shape quickly when a man has experienced and maintained an erection. Further sexual health studies for men, has given an indication that Kegel exercises may have something to do with low testosterone and an improved sex life. The symptom of low testosterone is atropy of the penis muscles, which are affected by Kegel exercises. As a result, clinical studies will not go in 100% to admit that this exercise system, alleviates ED problems, but they will go far enough to say that Kegels can help men partially overcome the effects of low testosterone. “Dr. Ruth” Westheimer wrote recently that couples should perform Kegel exercises together to enhance their pleasure during sex. As a sexual health doctor, she suggests that a man can practice Kegels during intercourse to stimulate his partner’s G-spot, as well as enhances his own.


Men and women who are familiar with the Kegel exercise understand that Kegels and sex make a great partnership. There are no side effects, just a healthy boost to your sex life and your perlic floor muscles. Unlike regular exercise routines, Kegels can be accomplished without a trainer, gym equipment, weights, no sit ups, or time away from home or the office. As a matter of fact, Kegel exercises can be performed while you are cooking, shaving, using the copier at work, or anytime, anywhere. Because of the positive results from this exercise routine, men have accepted this exercise as a healthy sexual alternative to surgery and unnecessary pills, for improving your sex life with Kegel exercises!