Nasal congestion, itchy, watery eyes, coughing and wheezing some or all of these symptoms are all signs your body has detected an allergen. The symptoms triggered by recurring exposure  to an allergen are the body’s immunologic response to defending itself against the same agent. For those experiencing allergies, it takes its toll on a person’s quality of life and productivity. There are many over the counter medications available to alleviate symptoms and IV Therapy is a new alternative in the treatment for allergy sufferers. The discomfort caused by seasonal allergies as your body’s immune system responds to the allergen make the symptoms, inflammation and histamine release the culprit.

How IV Therapy Relieves Allergies

Your Immune System

The body is designed to deal with this invasion of allergens and responding as it would to any infection by trying to rid itself of the irritant. Blood vessels in the body become leaky and spasms of the muscles lining the respiratory airway the result is the itchy eyes, nasal congestion or wheezy cough of allergy sufferers. The inflammation and dehydration that follow need to be targeted to relieve the discomfort.

IV Therapy

Treatment typically involves administering antihistamines, however addressing the dehydration and diluting the allergen is often overlooked. Intravenous therapy or a drip are so effective in reducing symptoms because they similarly systematically flush allergens and inflammatory invaders from the inside. By introducing antihistamines and anti inflammatory electrolyte solutions which target unwanted mediators a reduction of the symptoms of the allergy sufferer is experienced. The use of Toronto IV therapy in dealing with allergies is a relative newcomer as a way to ease the symptoms of your body’s response mechanisms at work. Medications introduced through IV drip are quicker acting than those ingested orally providing almost instantaneous relief. When medications are delivered in this way they provide relief by their ability to enter the cells of the body reducing the inflammation and rehydrating the body unlike oral medications. Getting back to being productive and restoring a person’s quality of life are then achieved, something every allergy sufferer is looking for.

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