Apps and devices can bring in great change in the educational sphere and teachers and schools should put in maximum effort towards integrating the modern way of educating students. Andrew Curry Superintendent of Jessieville School while serving the school had put forward the thought of integrating modern education systems and innovation in the realm of the conventional teaching methods. As a Guide, Educator as well as Administrator he is quite successful and is also well regarded by major educational societies for her innovative thinking and up-to-date guidelines. Upon completion of his education from the Henderson State University, Henderson, the US, he joined in Jessieville School as its Superintendent. Presently he is the principal of Arkansas Consolidated High School/AJATC.

During his period of working as Andrew Curry Superintendent of Jessieville School, he suggested the teachers of the institute to bring changes in the methods of their teaching. According to this knowledgeable educator and guide the time has come to let the teachers act more as instructor as well as coach facilitating students learn their lessons through project base sessions. The practicalities of project oriented learning will help them better to grasp their lessons. Being a board member of Jessieville  Elementary School and Superintendent of Schools, Arkansas, Andrew Curry is happy that the teachers here are now trained to educate students in a dissimilar way which is perfectly matching with new age education systems. Incidentally, he has successfully guided the teachers at Jessieville to explore up-to-date approaches in instruction and educating young learners.

How Incorporation Of Apps and Devices Will Benefit The Modern Education Systems

Andrew Curry Jessieville suggests every school of Arkansas that from the very beginning of schooling let the students of all ranks learn their lessons through preplanned project-based curriculum which should be designed by the classroom teachers as per their requirements. As this will help in learning all important subjects, the workshop sessions will be helping to general students to learn their lessons in easier way. And, eventually, the federal lookout in implementing and ensuring that ‘No child left behind’ can be well followed. With the emergence of new generation technologies and devices, Andrew Curry feels that the senior faculty members as well as the teachers should make the best use of latest mechanisms, devices and tools which will help students in better learning.

As per his statement why should the teachers follow the same traditional ways of educating when there are enormous resources available within their reach? According to his views it takes only a few seconds to know the details of American Revolution or how to learn guitar step-by-step through online Internet studies. With so many helping devices like iPads, mobile devices, tablets the so-called traditional ways of teaching can definitely be modified. Andrew Curry Jessieville believes that whereas the new generation students are supposed to deal with industries with new look and critical thinking, they should be more oriented towards research, communication, designing and preparing practical presentations that they learn through studies.

This will bring overall excellence among the forthcoming workforce helping the future industries and all other activities that the country needs. Enhanced self-confidence and competence in taking responsibility is the two main aspects for students-today which is essential for overall development.