The following case in Naperville below is just one example.  The truth is, tens of thousands of Americans receive successful drug rehabilitation Naperville program for drug and alcohol addiction every single year, and they receive these treatments for a variety of different addictions too.  For example:

How Former Naperville Addict Went from Dope To Hope

  • 6.8 million people with an addiction have a mental struggle or difficulty of some kind or another.  The two often go hand in hand.  Truthfully though, drug and alcohol abuse and addiction often creates a mental issue.  Too many people believe that their family members or loved one has serious mental problems, though the real issue is the simple fact that these issues are not really mental problems, they are simply the byproduct of drug and alcohol abuse and addiction.  If the addiction is eradicated with drug rehabilitation Illinois, then the mental problems and issues usually fall by the wayside too.
  • SAMHSA, (the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Administration), reports characteristics of admissions and discharges from substance abuse treatment facilities in its well known and well recognized Treatment Episode Data Set, (TEDS).  According to TEDS, there were 1.8 million admissions in 2008 for treatment of alcohol and drug abuse to facilities that report to State administrative data systems and networks.  Most treatment admissions, (41.4 percent), involved alcohol abuse. Heroin and other opiates accounted for the largest percentage of drug-related admissions, (20.0 percent), followed by marijuana, (17.0 percent).  Though it is a good thing that these individuals are going to a drug rehab Naperville, the numbers of Americans going are hardly making a dent in the overall number of those addicted.

One Story in Naperville Stands Out

Just two years after emerging from a local prison on drug-related charges, a Chicago resident by the name of Tim Ryan has become a major beacon for families scarred by Chicago’s heroin crisis.  This is a crisis that has been going on for years.

The rather brash and always salty former corporate headhunter has launched a very public crusade to take addicts, “from dope to hope”, by running various recovery groups, performing interventions and handing out advice via Facebook and other social media.  He claims he ushers hundreds of people a month into rehab, and that he does it with remarkable speed too, unlike most other interventionists and rehab proponents.

It’s individuals like these who are making true changes in the Chicago area and in the city of Naperville.  This is an urban location that struggles greatly with heroin and prescription drug abuse, and it is individuals like Tim Ryan who can really turn the tides in the area’s struggle for urban sobriety.