As a father, you want what is good for your children, and if you believe living with you and being under your custody is best, be prepared for a long and sometimes vicious court battle with the children’s mother. You see, there are two sides to every story, and most mothers believe that they should have custody of the children because mothers have always prevailed as caretakers. As fathers and mothers battle, the courts are left to find a solution to the age-old problem of who should have custody, and that can often be a difficult puzzle to solve. If you want to get custody, use the four tips below to prepare before you battle the situation out in court.

Make Your Children a Priority

Your children need time with you if you want to make them a priority. Your decision to ask for custody can not be a vindictive move against your spouse, but rather it needs to be a loving move for your children. Demonstrating your need to have quality time with them is a great way to show the courts you are there when your children need you. Attend events that are important to them, take them on adventures, and talk to them about what they love – in other words, get to know your kids as people. One thing you do not want to do is use your visitation time to pawn the kids off with your family, girlfriend, or a babysitter.

Demonstrate You Are Bonded

Just because you use to come home and eat dinner with the family does not mean you bonded with your children, and the courts will ask for particulars. Did you spend time reading to the tots each night, did you actively play and entertain the little ones, and did you attend events that were important to your children or awarded their behavior? If you are honest and the answer is yes, then your Cordell & Cordell law firm can help you ask for the custody you deserve.

Defining Quality Time With Children

Children love routines when they are small, and that is the best time to begin spending quality time with the little ones. Quality time is about activities that let you and your child learn about each other’s interests, likes and dislikes, and challenges. Quality time is also about providing your child with the facetime he or she needs to feel loved. You can create activities, have a nighttime ritual, or have a special bonding time each weekend that involves just the two of you. Quality time is all about getting to know your child.

Joint and Sole Custody Differences

If you and your spouse are good parents, it may be difficult to convince a judge that you deserve sole custody; but it is more important to remember it may not be good for the children. Knowing that both parents can share the time spent equally can be the best gift you can give your child. Joint custody can make more sense for two loving parents.

While sole custody of very young children may be more difficult for working fathers to get than for working mothers, the social beliefs that mothers are more nurturing are slowly changing. Fathers are pressing for more home life and paternity leave, and as a result, they are being seen as more nurturing and loving fathers. The Cordell & Cordell business motto is all about making sure dads get an opportunity to take custody of their children if they want to seek guardianship. If you want custody for your children, don’t be afraid to fight for it – and remember, the battle will be worth it.