How Emergency Restoration Protects Your Home From Extreme Water Damage

Many homes experience the trauma of water damage following a strong storm or an undetected leak. Although some home plumbing problems can wait a few days for a plumbing visit to be scheduled, serious leaks that are causing major water damage require immediate emergency restoration to stop the problem and prevent further damage to the home. In addition to destruction of walls, floors, and ceilings due to water damage that may be sudden or gradual, the risk of mold increases the longer that the water problem goes untreated. If you are experiencing a severe problem caused by water leakage, contact an emergency restoration service promptly to get the situation under control.

Water Leaks May Be Insidious or Sudden

Homeowners should inspect their house indoors and outside every year. As the season turns from winter to spring or summer to fall, this may be a good time to spot changes in your home’s structure, along with any deteriorating areas that could be leaking unseen rainwater or melting snow into your structure. A heavy snowstorm can cause problems with the roof, allowing the moisture, when it melts, to seep into the attic of the house and spread throughout. Following a heavy downpour of rain, a strong windstorm, or a few days of thawing, a crack may develop in the roof or siding, or along the home’s foundation, and let moisture inside. This can happen over time, or the affected structure part may suddenly collapse, allowing streaming water into the home at various points. If a sudden gush of water or a steady stream inundates your house, call an emergency restoration company immediately.

Mold Can Rapidly Grow

Following a sizable influx of water after a weather mishap or structure failure, as more water seeps into your home, mold can begin to grow almost immediately. There are different types of mold in a variety of colors and forms, but black mold is particularly toxic and must be treated right away. Black mold has been linked to new or worsened asthma symptoms, respiratory ailments, and allergic outbreaks. Medical treatment is sometimes required. It is paramount to get the water problem under control by emergency restoration professionals before mold has a chance to spring up and spread.

Untreated Water Damage is Expensive

Depending on which parts of your house are affected by water damage, you may be tempted to let the problem ride temporarily. You might be inundated with other financial issues or house problems, and think that if the water is dripping in an out-of-the-way area, like the basement or an unused bedroom, you can wait to implement damage control until life settles down a bit. But water damage is one of the most pervasive and hard-to-treat household damage problems. If you discover a fair amount of water that appears suddenly from broken plumbing or the home’s structural damage, call emergency restoration services. They can evaluate the issue and give you an informed opinion of what should be done, along with an estimate of the cost and a timeline for completing services, which will necessarily need to be done quickly. Letting the problem go can create bigger, more costly problems. For example, damaged plumbing that has broken and caused a leak may become further damaged due to other pipes bearing the pressure of the broken area. Leaking water from any source can ruin furniture, wallpaper, wood fixtures, and other home furnishings. If emergency restoration technicians catch the problem early, you can avoid some of the trouble resulting from emergency water damage or a slow leak.

Water and plumbing play an important role in modern life. But they must be controlled and monitored to provide safe, efficient usage. Spotting evidence of water damage from any cause should be evaluated by emergency restoration experts to determine the source. Then take prompt measures to repair the damaged structures that are contributing to the problem before repair expenses escalate.

Preventing significant damage and high restoration or construction costs starts with quality materials, professional installation and preventative maintenance.

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