EHIC or European Health Insurance card is a sort of insurance card which is used by people while travelling. It helps them to get treatment at reduced rates or even totally free-of-cost in case they undergo any type of health illness, injury or even an accident. The state government has fixed the health care institutions in the European Economic area for this purpose. People possessing this card and who are travelling in the specified zone may avail of these health benefits, if so required. Anyone who is above sixteen years of age can get EHIC through a definite process. It is a must for all those who have to travel frequently for job, business or any other reasons. This card has a validity of three to five years and need to be renewed after that. It covers the medical treatment facility in different ways. It is in fact a type of health insurance for citizens of UK.

Free-medical treatment/medical treatment at reduced costs- EHIC covers the medical treatment facility for all the card holders. It helps people to get them treated for such health illness which requires immediate medical attention. This condition is applicable on for such card holders who are in a European Economic Area or Switzerland. Anyone who is residing in these areas or is on a visit to these zones is entitled to get medical treatment either completely free-of-cost or at reduced rates.

How Ehic Card Covers Medical Treatment Facility?

Emergency Medical Treatments

Any unexpected injury, accident or illness is also covered under the EHIC. It means if a person who is travelling across European Economic area meets with an accident, sudden injury or any other type of illness, which need to be treated at once is liable to get benefited by the medical treatment facilities provided under the EHIC. The concerned person can get immediate treatment by showing the EHIC card to the authorized hospitals or other medical institutions.

Treatment for Chronic or Pre-existing Illness

Apart from this, a person who is suffering from some serious chronic disease or pre-existing illness may also avail of the benefits of medical treatment facility covered under the EHIC. For this purpose, a person may travel to some other place within EEA for treatment purpose provided he/she has already arranged for the tests or dialysis required for treatment purpose. Any expenditure made by the concerned person for treatment purpose abroad is reimbursed up to some definite limits under the EHIC facility.

Medical Treatment Facility for Pregnant Women

EHIC also covers medical treatment facility within EEA for pregnant women. EHIC is liable to pay for the routine treatment for pregnant women for nine months. Additionally, charges incurred on delivery or any other treatment required before or immediately after the delivery is also covered under EHIC medical treatment facility. Pregnant women who face any health problems during travelling may get treated at the EHIC-authorized hospitals at considerably reduced costs or totally free-of-charge.