How Dr. Jonathan Lauter Is Helping Children To Get Back To Normal Childhood?

How Dr. Jonathan Lauter Is Helping Children To Get Back To Normal Childhood?

Many a times, a child might get into a phase when he becomes very shy or very quiet. A child who has plenty of friends, is joyful and playful at all times, is indeed a treat to have. But if the child suddenly becomes quiet, then immediate attention should be given to him.

Cautious or observant parents could sit with the children, and talk with the kids and ask them to open up with them about the issue. But if the child is not talking or coming out of his turmoil, then it is time that you take him to the specialist who shall be able to help your child get back to his joyful self.

Dr. Jonathan Lauter, one of the eminent child and adult psychiatrists in New York, has been able to identify many such issues pertaining to children’s mental health and has been able to help the children come out of it too.

Peer Pressure to Child Abuse – Troubles of the Mind:

While many children face this issue of peer pressure and might be feeling disturbed when they cannot really do or achieve what their friends are able to do, many other children start feeling buckled down and start revolting. Children throw tantrums for things that they are denied by their parents. This is natural, but if they are making a ruckus over every little thing- having a huge meltdown on petty sibling rivalry or become attention seeking, then it is time to show them some real care.

A visit to the experts in child psychiatry in the initial days would be necessary and helpful for the child and the parents. New and busy parents who do not have the patience might even causing further damage in handling trouble child. So, the best recourse in this regard would be to consult a specialist like Dr. Jonathan Lauter. He would be able to identify the issue and on finding that, take the child through therapeutic counseling sessions or even suggest other such measures to help the child come out and speak or even show the symptoms of his problems well.

If they say that the mind of a man is complicated then they have to be in the mind of an innocent child. A child would not have the experience of the complexities of life, and it would be many years before a child can identify a right from a wrong. But even before such age, the tender mind of the child might be getting shocked or alarmed at several happenings that might cause him to doubt himself or even his parents.

Helping a Child and His Family:

Dr. Jonathan Lauter has in his lifetime, seen many such parents who sincerely wish to have the child go through therapeutic sessions with the doctor or support groups. He therefore, has successfully helped in treating severe to early cases of schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, anxiety, depression, insomnia among various other mental disorders or difficulties in children and helped them get back to a happy and normal life.

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