People often suffer from different types of pains. A few pains are chronic pains, and some pains are temporary. For example, you have injured your hand or leg. The pain that you shall have to bear with is temporary. On the other hand, many people have to cope with chronic pain like a joint ache, neck pain, waist ache, etc. Such pains may constantly happen for a long period otherwise they may be experienced at certain time intervals for a long period. Irrespective of types of pain, it is important to find proper medication to attain pain relief. For this reason, painkillers are used. Among various painkillers, Dihydrocodeine has been considered as a common name.

How Does Dihydrocodeine Work? Some Insights On Appropriate Usage

How Dihydrocodeine Works?

Dihydrocodeine has been considered as strong painkiller which is also commonly known as an opioid painkiller. In the human body, a natural pain-reducing substance is available, and it is named as endorphin. The central nervous system which is consists of the human brain and spinal cord has been responsible for producing endorphin so that pain or swelling can be managed to some extent. Dihydrocodeine gives substances that start mimicking this naturally occurred or produced pain relieving agent. As a result, temporary pain relief has been attained.

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What opioid receptors do? Endorphin and other naturally produced opioid receptors block pain signals to reach central nervous system. As a result, the body does not react to painful feeling. It does not relieve the swelling but helps the body to forget the pain for some time so that some relief can be attained. Dihydrocodeine works as similar to the natural opioid receptors. It helps to block the painful feeling. As signals do not go to the brain or spinal cord, we do not react to the swelling condition.

Use of Dihydrocodeine

As stated, Dihydrocodeine can be used for any kinds of pain management purposes. It is a painkiller which gives excellent relief from pain for a good sustainable period. In the medicine stores, it is available in tablet format. Typically, each tablet comes with 30 Mg composition of this medicine. Adults should consume it as per prescription of the doctor. Here, it is to be reminded that Dihydrocodeine is a prescription medicine. Thus, you can only buy it when you have a valid prescription from registered as well as certified doctor or physician. You can purchase it online, and in that case, a digital copy of the prescription has to be given to the seller. For online purchasing, one can follow this link:

Dihydrocodeine has been suggested to the patients who do not get enough relief from other painkillers like codeine and co-codamol. It is a strong painkiller, and thus it is suggested in case of severe pain. Not just 30mg tablets, higher dosage can also be found at the medicine stores. High dosages are prescribed for more severe swelling conditions. Using higher dosage may have some side-effects and allergic reactions. In such cases, without any delay, patients must consult the physician or doctor who has suggested or prescribed this medicine to the patient.