Like the criminal cases, DUI cases also follow a definite set of rules beginning with the arrest and ending with the DUI plea, acquittal or conviction and sometimes an appeal.  Moreover, it is a great blow to your bank account. The legal system benefits a lot from cases registered under the DUI section. Let us run through the different expenses that are incurred.

How Does A DUI Case Can Affect Your Bank Balance?

The approximate total

A conventional DUI sums up the entire cost to around $10,000 till the time the case is completely closed. It includes the payment for fee, bail, fine and insurance. The insurance fee is charged irrespective of the fact if you hit or hurt anything or anybody. If you are convicted under the DUI section for the first time, then the cost is going to bump up a little more around $15,649.

However, there is more to this, if you are under the age 21. If you are caught drunk-driving and you are not yet 21, the expenses might rise to $22,492. Considering the massive financial loss, getting a few slaps on your wrist or being hit by the cops might look like a better idea.

The cost break-down

Here is a list of how your expenses shall break down:

  • Bail: It will cost you around $150 to $2100.
  • Towing fees: The costs are around $100 to $400.
  • Vehicle impounding: It may cost $100-$400 which depends upon the tenure of impound. If you do not retrieve the vehicle within 60 days, it will be sold.
  • Insurance increase: The amounts can be increased up to $40,000 through a span of 30 years. Following the consequences, the premiums might increase in comparison to your age’s baseline.
  • Legal fees: These fees can cost around $25,000. An experienced DUI lawyer may have his costs starting at $4,000 depending upon his profile and expertise.
  • Fines: The costs might vary from $390 to $3,000. The judge may in his discretion ask you to perform community service or spend time in jail, in order to substitute the payment of fine.
  • Alcohol and driving classes: The judge may ask you to take 12-45 hours of driving lessons, if it is your first offense, which might incur costs around $550. If you commit the offense for a second time then the costs will significantly increase because the judge may ask you to take 18 months of driving lessons.
  • Ignition lock: The costs will be around $100 to $300. Adding to these costs will be the rental fees which will be charged on a monthly basis, ranging from $70-$100.
  • License reinstatement fee: This will cost $150.

Adding to the enormous bill that crops up, a huge amount of time is wasted in the entire DUI case. You need to spend extra hours in the court as well as the driving classes. This will take enough time away from your working hours, which means while you will be losing money in the DUI case, you will also not be making any. You can read more about the matters stated under DUI section on the website