The online world makes it much easier to find information about products and services. This means that the modern consumer has an arsenal of information at their fingertips, if they choose to use it. Here is a look at some great sources of recommendations, peer review information and product data.

How Do You Find A Good Service Online?

Impartial Review Providers

Which? guides have been around for years, and they provide valuable information on a huge variety of domestic appliances, services, products and more. As well as providing a range of reviews on top products, the team behind the customer review brand also provides expert reviews and guides to help you pick the right product or service for your needs. Which? is trusted and has passed the test of time, so it’s well worth a look. Other useful and impartial websites include the Good Housekeeping Institute, which is well regarded for its reviews of household products, services and appliances. Both sites are unbiased and unsponsored, giving you peace of mind about the information provided.

Social Media

Look at sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram, and you’ll find that people are spreading news and views about their favourite products and services every day. From movie reviews to tech reviews, food, drink, services and everything in between, customer opinions count and are often worth far more to advertisers than paid-for coverage. This is because people trust the opinions and guidance of their friends and family far more than they do a sponsored post. Go on to your favourite social media platform and either post a review or ask a question about recommendations, and you’ll be amazed at the interaction and guidance that you get. Many people become influencers within their circle and recommend top products to their contacts. Bloggers work in this way too, recommending products and services to their audiences, usually by reviewing them honestly.

Specialist Product Review Sites

New websites such as give customers the chance to name and shame a business by posting a rant or a rave about service they have received. Not only does this allow other customers to see what’s being said about a potential business, but it also allows action to occur by gathering the power of the group, forcing big brands to listen and respond where criticisms are being thrown their way. Equally, it’s a great way to find out which brands and services are being raved about by other users, giving you confidence in your choices.

Comparison Sites

These sites are great for weighing up different services, such as utilities, finances, insurance and more, and assessing which is best for you. Typically based on cost savings, these sites literally do compare the online market rapidly and easily so that you don’t have to do the legwork, and they help you to find the right solution for your needs in the minimum amount of time. Newer sites also provide comparisons on specialist products or mainstream retail offerings, such as food and grocery shopping.

So make use of what’s available to you in the online world and gain far greater confidence and clarity when picking trusted and high-quality services.