How Crown Molding Transforms Your Home Into A Luxurious Retreat

Who doesn’t love to live in a place that looks like a well-decorated mansion or a high-end hotel room? The desire of bringing a perception of affluence becomes even stronger when you live in a well-planned community where every residence resembles its next one. Well, decorating a home like a luxurious abode is slightly expensive but not out of reach. It is surprisingly easy to give your home a unique look even on a tight budget.

Give a room a finished look.

Adding crown molding designs is the best option to change the look of a place and make it appear complete as keeping the space where the walls meet the ceiling blank give a room an unfinished cheap displace. It will tie the two prominent features of the room – the ceiling and the walls – together by softening the transition between the vertical and horizontal plans and add richness to the space.

Apply wider trim for a bigger impact.

It doesn’t mean that a single layer of trim doesn’t look elegant. But, wider trim is better for creating a bang and make a room appear more expensive. Fortunately, molding is inexpensive when you choose it in the plastic or printable version, and you can go for other types too just by spending a few more dollars. Find out the widest trim that your budget allows. You can also throw chair rails, high baseboard, columns, and ceiling medallions in the mix to add a touch of glamor.

Change the air with designer lighting.

The word luxurious does not go with anything nondescript. So, toss out all the run-of-the-mill light fixtures and go for something that catches attention. You don’t have to shell out big dollars for a new chandelier or a couple of pendants. A visit to the flea market will be enough to find budget-friendly pieces that can create an expensive designer inspired look.

Tie the paint color together with the molding.  

Deciding paint color is tough, especially if you want it to complement with the crown molding. You can choose between either bold or soft but make sure that it adds instant glamor. Pick up a crisp white or understated hue to lend an air of lux feeling into the room. On the other hand, dramatic shades create an upscale vibe without forcing you to cross the budget limit.

An easy trick to give the place an elegant and sophisticated air is to paint the interior door or the moldings in a dark color. Nonetheless, don’t forget to add some accessories or accents in the same color to make the overall design look coordinated.

Don’t ignore the window treatments.

These are available at various price points. You should find a middle ground between looking utterly cheap and a cost that breaks the bank. Avoid polyester and man-made fabrics because they don’t possess to create a graceful display. Go for natural silk and linen to dress up the windows. Wood blinds and bamboo shades are great options too if your taste inclines towards eco-friendly elements.

Another excellent design idea is to install trim around the window frames. It’s even better if the design and color match to the crown moldings in the room.

Bring in a collection of pillows.

These may seem insignificant but are useful in creating a plush, sophisticated feel. Throw pillows are always a fabulous addition to the loveseats, sofas, oversized chairs, and beds. You may want to bring them in larger sizes instead of the typical 18 to 22 inches to create a visual presence. A fantastic way to make them look expensive is to choose the covers in a luxurious fabric such as satin, silk, or velvet. 

These ideas will definitely give the homeowners insights about how to make the living places look elegant and luxurious without ruining the wallet. The tricks are simple, but these will fool everyone to think that you live a high-end life.

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